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26th Jul 2004, 06:17 PM
In exactly two month hard work I finished my third UT map.
It's a ons map and it looks like far cry :rolleyes: and many details in it. :D

OK I get some tips by Vorlon but I need more opinions by Beta Testers.

I want to release it in few days.

If you are interest on the beta version you can contact me at scareface7@web.de i can upload it to youre webspace because I have none.

and here are still a few screenies...

26th Jul 2004, 07:42 PM
Well overall terrain is well done etc. None of the classic mistakes (too jaggy, stretched textures etc.). This looks a lot nicer than 99% of people's second maps, well done there :tup:
Some small things to fix, the water is too jagged where it meets the ground (use the edge turn tool and the smooth tool to fix that) and 3rd screen looks like the ground texture is over-scaled and blurry. I imagine the map is also putting stress on medium/low end machines since I can't really see any distance fog so there's going to be a massive amount of polys and overdraw going on there :hmm:
My main issue here is that the overall theme is rather bland. No buildings or anything. It looks just like yet another terrain map. It's well executed, but if you don't have a really unique location then you are just limiting yourself. How about some ancient ruins or a farcry-style facility. Would help make the map look a lot more special instead of Terrain Map with Trees #1246.
This isn't really possible to do well once the map is already built since the buildings will almost certainly feel out of place, it has to be planned in advance so you'd be best to leave that now, just think about it in the future :)
You are also severly limiting yourself with the mid-day look. Farcry's most interesting maps were the night/dawn/dusk maps where you have real nice contrast in lighting. That foggy haze as the sun goes down, the long shadows cast accross the terrain etc.
At night you have dark fog and strong warm electric lights on the facility which provide really good contrast with the cold darkness and the fog.
Basically maps set in the day are generally devioid of atmosphere because the light levels tend to be the same throughout the level (only real time I can think it works is if you have a very enclosed theme like in a cave and you have shafts with sunlight breaking down -> provides strong contrast with darkness)

Finally if you really want to open up the opportunities you really need to think about learning 3D Studio Max or Maya (shipped with the game) so you can make custom meshes. Adds an infinitly larger amount of possibilities and makes your map look that much more unique but it is a gigantic learning curve :)

oh yeah, btw you can upload beta maps at www.unrealplayground.com

27th Jul 2004, 09:18 AM
By the shot i can say that the map looks amaysing :tup: (well built, good mesh placing and excelent texturing), but i have a questing, isnt the map too repetitive? :rolleyes: (it seems like a player allways in the same spot in the map...) and i must agree with Bot_40, learning how to mesh is a great step to a better design (even taht i never learn with 3d max, cause i always use UED...) :D

Overall : GREAT LOOKING....

27th Jul 2004, 01:53 PM
OK the map is on www.unrealplayground.com

named ONS-RapaNui(Beta)
need some feedback about the position of the two superweapons on the bridge :hmm:

some details like radarmap are missing

30th Jul 2004, 08:35 PM
This is a very nice looking ONS map. It captures the essence of a tropical island quite well. The little ruin idols and whatnot are a nice touch.
Now with the suggestions:
Screenie 1. The rock texture looks out of place and a overscaled. I wouldn't expect to see large rocks sitting at the bottom of a stream. Maybe little pebbles like on the bottom of Highdale's stream. Just a thought.
Screenie 2. This depression in the rock platform needs to be taken care of. Rework the mesh or sink it in lower. It's very distracting as it stands.
Screenie 3. The sand texture painted on here looks out of place. If I can remember correctly, it was no where near a water source. I'm not sure what purpose it serves but I'd take it off.
Screenie 4. Texture transition from the mesh to the terrain is too rough. It doesn't blend very well.
Screenie 5. I like what you've done with jumpers in your maps. It's was very creative to put a stream of butterflies and now some leaves and flowers. The blue ring compliments that plant life well. The red sparks don't. The color is too potent. I'd opt out for a light green or pink or yellow.
Screenie 6. This plant looks to...dying to be in your map. The entire island is lush and teeming with flora and life. It sticks out like a sore thumb in the whole scheme.
Screenie 7. The patched of grass are over scaled. Keep it down to around the waistline or below. Not over the head. That was done in Tolloumne Meadows or whatever is was called and it got in the way of ground combat too much.
Screenie 8. This mesh looks blatantly "plane upon intersected plane upon intersected plane" and kind of put a ding in the whole natural feel of the level. Keep it away from the areas of major traffic. The flower mesh in the pick beside the described one looks too cartoony and fake. Same problem. Same solution.
Screenie 9. The birds get flattened as you go up in altitude. This is going to be a problem if you plan to introduce a Raptor or two. Also, some of the birds' flight is a little jerky. You might want to look into that.
Screenie 10. This is an overview of you map. Not too shabby. I'd hold off on the palms trees though.

I'll be sure and give you more once I really get into the map. Great job so far.

30th Jul 2004, 08:45 PM
These are just the next five pics from the dissection.

P.S. Why didn't you use an undulating fluid surface for your stream? The still water looks uber fake.