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26th Jul 2004, 12:00 AM
Now that we will soon be entering the fine tuning stage of the upcoming build, this would be a great time for team members to start posting any errors/ issues/suggestions, etc you find with maps, cars, textures, code, etc. Lets make Unwheel as bugfree as possible.

Include pics with your descriptions if possible/relevent.


26th Jul 2004, 12:39 AM
Ill start off:

I located a much much better lensflare for the vehicles head and taillights. Its located @ EpicParticles.Flares.BurnFlare1 (included with ut2004)

See pic below:


26th Jul 2004, 03:42 AM
I wonder whether it would be possible to implement chameleon skins (those paint jobs you can get on cars that change colour at different angles) by using a cubemap and texenv map?

26th Jul 2004, 11:11 PM
I found a sort of bug, or problem, with the converted vehicles. I made a ramp that made the cars twist as they came off the jump. You can see the Typhoon do a complete 360. The other vehicles, including the converted Siren, turn about 90 degrees and stop rotating. Odd:(

27th Jul 2004, 08:05 PM
I figured out why the other SVehicles won't do a barrel roll. I had commented out all the "air" setting, (//AirTurnTorque=35.000000
//AirRollDamping=35.000000) . The other vehicles use the settings, and that is what's stopping them from "rolling".

28th Jul 2004, 03:03 AM
Hmm, sorry, I meant to remove all those to get proper air control back, but forgot :(.

Vehicles need a lot of work still though, trucks are way to fast compared to cars, and everything is just way too bouncy. A truck going over a jump and landing on a 'ramp shape' tends to send the truck on a massive bounce (try this in UWCTF-ScorchedEarth in the fiery hole thingies). They also spin out too easily, so grip, torque etc needs to be revised on all vehicles.

I seem to have broken the fading effects, so when you hit an out of bounds or try a reset, you'll wait a second or two and magically reset.

Forgot to add a key bind option for "Quick reset", as Jump is now the handbrake.

Big Air gametype is currently broken.

No speed decrease as damage increases, and there's no way to repair damage.

UWRC-Carribean and UWRC-Metropolis have a strange bug which is destroying the vehicle as it spawns. There must be some kind of destructive volume there or something. Also, UWRC-Mawe (hope I remembered the name correctly) has extreme HOM errors, I could not see where I was going...

I'm also not too thrilled about having the windows deleted off some of the vehicles (Bugger, HumBug, Venoms, etc). It really doesn't look too great, and would be better if a bit of time were spent mapping the windows onto a seperate texture chanel so the Alpha effects don't conflict with the rest of the skin. That way current skins and shaders do not need any modification, as we'll be adding seperate alpha textures for the windows.

28th Jul 2004, 09:09 AM
UWRL-Lost also has the exploding vehicle spawn problem.

Twice I've managed to have my car explode during game play, once in Avalanche, and once in Alpine, but in Alpine it happened right after the car got stuck on a tree for several seconds. After it exploded I respawned and it said "carjacked" and there was no driver in my car and I couldn't move.

I also noticed that there are a couple things missing that you might already be aware of, the pos vehicles aren't there. Maybe it has something to do with this, when I open a map in the editor now it says it is missing resources Texture UnWheelSkins.Vehicles.UTCar_ALT and UTVan_Alt.

Also I don't see the helmet being used anywere either.

28th Jul 2004, 10:15 AM
The reason polys were deleted on the side windows, cause the alpha channel would have to be totally transparent anyway, this saves a really weird clipping error occuring on the windows when just an alpha was applied.(look at the in xf150 with the new alpha textures applied)

..as for the UnWheelSkins.Vehicles.UTCar_ALT and UTVan_Alt - the old texture package was included with the new build for some reason, not the modified new one, thats why you get the error and thats why the POS vehicles dont show up ingame.

I'm still waiting for a list of wheels that need replacing etc.

The helmet is not in yet, as the list of repairs is enormous. That will have to be added later now. :rolleyes:

28th Jul 2004, 11:14 AM
I noticed that if you look at te driver through an open window you can see the driver look through a glass texture and nothing...

Weird. My other bugs:

OutOfBounds volume gives you something like 500 points on big air, where it should be nothing,

sometimes you don't get any points for larger jumps on big air.

I have no change camera function (do I have to uninstall beta 3 first, cos if so that would be it)

I have no damage hud item, no turbo and also whn you're modifying the vehicles make em faster. They seem slower than they were before...

Finally I see no bots.

Most of these are probably because they've been left out for various reasons.

The Mawes bug is probably because the bsp no longer snaps to grid (damn I'm gonna have to remake the whole map now!!!)

Oh and I like the CTF-Aquanum Adam, good map, nice feel. And even better it's almost totally different to mine ;)

28th Jul 2004, 12:09 PM
The Mawes bug is probably because the bsp no longer snaps to grid (damn I'm gonna have to remake the whole map now!!!)

Oh and I like the CTF-Aquanum Adam, good map, nice feel. And even better it's almost totally different to mine ;)

What's this Mawes map you guys are talking about? I don't see any map named that. Also I just noticed that there is a map named SilverRock that doesn't show up in the menu.

And thanks PX, is your map in with the new alpha? I didn't see it but I don't think I've played all of the maps yet.

EDIT: I just noticed that one of the headlight coronas on the nassau 21 isn't working, it looks like it has a broken headlight.

28th Jul 2004, 02:42 PM
Phreaky, mawes don't appear for me neither... Which I deduce must mean that there are some texture packages missing, including the one for silverrock.

Quick Watson! The game is afoot!

OK, I think I just went totally insane there.

EDIT: I can't play midnight, mawes or lost gods either.

28th Jul 2004, 02:46 PM
Actually, Mawes isn't even in the alpha zip.

28th Jul 2004, 03:42 PM
Actually, Mawes isn't even in the alpha zip.

That's weird, I'll check the file I uploaded. It may not be in there cos of the HOM in which case I can understand that.

EDIT: Oh and my new map that I was making hasn't even got all of the meshes done yet. I'm still learning Maya and it seems that every time I export a modle there's three problems I have to individually fixed. At least te ones I've done'll work. The biggest problem is triangulating at a low-polygon threshhold on the helixes without putting unsightly bumps in the track which would throw the cars off.

EDIT2: Another bug: KOTH-AngelFalls destroys the vehicle when you hit a UWOutOfBounds (central for that map, unfortunately)

UPDATE: Midnight is missing "scifi" Haven't got a clue what that is.

28th Jul 2004, 03:48 PM
Ok, this post is for you Project X.

Some of us were talking in IRC an we were wondering why UnWheel has become so bloated in this new Alpha, we noticed than some of the maps are way bigger than they should be, and we also noticed that most of those oversized maps belong to you. So I opened up your biggest map in the editor and quickly found a couple of problems. The first thing that I noticed is that the textures that you are using for your preview animation are much too big, 1024x1024 isn't the proper size to use, 512x256 fits the viewing format much better and it saves some much needed space. Remember that 1024x1024 is four times the size of 512x512.

The next thing that I noticed is very very important. All of the textures that you have in mylevel are uncompressed, that is a big no-no. Just as a test I compressed the textures to DXT1 and the map size went from 48 meg to 20 meg. To compress textures all you have to do is right click on them in the texture browser and go to "compress", then select DXT1, 3, or 5. I would suggest either 1 or 3, 1 looks the worst but still looks good, and 5 is the best but doesn't really look any better than 3 and it is bigger. You need to compress these textures in all of your maps because we have limited space to work with as well as having a smaller package for people to download makes it alot easier to distribute to the team members.

28th Jul 2004, 03:56 PM
Ok I'll get to work on that, found out what was wrong with silverrock, it was an old mesh package (UnWheelTrackMesh) that was being used, I'll convert to buildingmesh as well.

28th Jul 2004, 04:12 PM
UPDATE: Midnight is missing "scifi" Haven't got a clue what that is.
Hey PX I will put those packages on the ftp in your my folder, have no idea but you must not have gotten those packages with the download, I guess WinRAR did a crappy split job, it didnt work for Ultranew-B either. They are very small packages so they will be in there in like 5 min :)

28th Jul 2004, 04:18 PM
Wait check in your texture folder for scifi.usx shrimp must have accidentally put it in the texture folder with my scifiTex.utx file so just move it and it should play ;)

28th Jul 2004, 04:22 PM
By Jove Watson! I've solved the case of the Mawes HOM!! It was caused by several un-scaled Antiportals! Obviously the scale-map function doesn't like those! Another case solved Watson, now back to Baker street for tea and bickies!

Oh and I assume I'm right in supposing that I shouldn't compress the level screenshots and the surface maps for the terrain height and layer distribution, right?

28th Jul 2004, 04:25 PM
you shouldn't have to mess with the height map or layers, but yes, you need to compress the preview screen shots, and they need to be 512x256.

28th Jul 2004, 04:58 PM
you shouldn't have to mess with the height map or layers, but yes, you need to compress the preview screen shots, and they need to be 512x256.

OK I'll get on it, although there won't be any progress for 8 hours, because I need sleep.

28th Jul 2004, 05:29 PM
As a general rule, Adam is absolutely correct:) However, my road texture with the alpha channel looks terrible compressed.
I think we should also offer comments on each others maps, not on whether we like them, but things that would help the look of the maps. I think I played all the maps last night, and I was impressed:) I think Adam has the most innovative and unusual map in CTF-Aquanum; I overlooked the name of the designer when I opened it, and exited right away just to see who did it:) I wondered if you could reduce the Z scale so the hills on the road were not so steep. ProjectX, I was very impressed with your UWRC-Samurai, the course was well laid out, and I had no problems navigating:) However, UWRC-Alladreas and UWRC-Igneous could use some better course markers. Jerdaygo, you out did yourself:D Your map was so improved in just two days, and my wife liked it:) UltraNew_B, great map:) You were right, even though your map doesn't have roads as wide as some of the others, it was not too difficult to stay on the road and was well thought out:) The only thing that looked odd was the lighting, I am curious why you made all the meshes SpecialLit? It dulls the the visual appeal of your map.

28th Jul 2004, 06:28 PM
Thanks for the kind words Steve, I'll defiantly think about changing the z scale, but I'm going to wait for a bit, I want to know more about how fast the vehicles are going to be and how it plays in multiplayer before I make changes. I also agree with you about some of PX's maps, it is easy to get lost in many of them, although Samurai is good. I like lost gods Steve, not sure what I would change about it, the only thing that comes to mind is that it seems to be impossible to make that jump over the water with some vehicles, or all, I'm not sure if I've made that jump before. But again that's dependant on vehicle speed.

And just for fun... Aquanum has a movie reference in it, the first one who figures it out gets a cookie.

28th Jul 2004, 09:23 PM
Thanks Steve :D
On another topic,
Shrimp when i playtested the new build it was lan (the crashing seems to be a lan only problem), adam and i seem to be able to play whole courses online through the net, the hud is still not present but at least the playtesting can be done :D it seems to play fairly well online too :D

I agree on the jump adam was talking about in LostGods, it would be cool to be able to make the jump, but I dont think you should move the platforms closer, I think a physics volume like I have in MidnightAir would be cool, just an Idea.

I also think that it is a little difficult to navigate LostGods, I think it might be cool to have signs pointing the way that are like the Egyptian art/people with a arm extended pointing the way.

Also PX was I correct did you find my mesh package in the texture folder? and does it work for you now?

I havent played all the maps, but I will soon so I will be able to have more input later, but this build looks awsome :D :cheers: :D

29th Jul 2004, 12:16 AM
Anyone on the team who experiences a crash or smthg bad with new build, plz post your UT2004.log file(located in UT2004/System dir.) here. Takes the guess work out of what the problem was, and speeds up the bug-squashing progress. :p

OK update time :)

I spent all day today going through vehicles and repairing them. "Unwheel_Update_July29_2004.rar" uploaded to the ftp, changes include:

- All vehicles have seperate shader for windows now (no clipping anymore)
- All vehicles now have EnvMap shaders again (shiny paint)
- Fixed Wheelsize on Flair XL150 (no more floating wheels)
- Replaced wheels on Shaguar to original wheels
- Made changes to Steves Siren (fixed some texture assignments)
- Restored UnWheelSkins.utx to original (plus 2 new shaders for Humbug and POSCar)
- Added dynamic license plate support to humbug (so you can see your player name on license plate, like on the Hellbender in UT2K4)

Pic of dynamic license plates in action (plus new map I started 2 days ago;) )

29th Jul 2004, 01:31 AM
Jon, Steven, and I just did some online testing and here is our bug report.

First I'd just like to say that there are enough problems that it's kind of hard to describe them all, you really need to see it for your self. Do you remember the time that we all playtested FallenMetro together a long time ago and we all had multiple flags and it was prety much unplayable? Well it was alot like that only with a much higher framerate, that's the one good thing that I noticed, the framerate always seemed to stay high.

Out of bounds volumes don't seem to work at all online.

Skins aren't working right, when I choose a blue skin other people don't see it as blue etc.

multiple flags in ctf, players end up with flags in thier car even if they didn't have "the" flag.

This next one has been dubed "Jon's Problem", When you get stuck in a place that you can't get out of and you need to get out of your only choice is to spectate and then rejoin, and doing this seems to open pandora's box. Sometimes after you spectate you don't get to chose your vehicle and when you spawn you can't move. Also after you spectate and rejoin the whole game seems to lag, even for other people I think. It also seems to create some kind of handling problems as well, it makes it fell laggy and jerky until the next game is started.

No HUD, obvious I know, but this is a bug report.

When cars explode, becasue someone had to go into spectate mode or whatever, their headlights remain even after the car is gone.

I'm absolutly certain that I am missing some, and I urge you to do some playtesting with us soon. I just thought of one other positive thing, in the hour and a half to two hours of testing that we did tonight we didn't have any crashes, so it's not all bad.

29th Jul 2004, 02:13 AM
Hey I will fix it alright, its my problem I will handle it, hehe, anyway
Hey Shrimp I am going to leave a ded up for you incase we cant get a time set up real quick.

29th Jul 2004, 03:30 AM
OK, now I know Maya (a bit anyway) I can make some road signs up to place in my maps to help you guys out. After a while you learn the flow, butit's not about that, it's about being able to drive reasonably well from the beginning. I'm also still working on the optimisations, if anybody gets HOM in any maps just remember to redo your antiportals because they don't seem to scale with the scale map function.

Oh and putting the scifi package into staticmeshes does work. Nice track btw.

EDIT: There is another bonus to the new vehicles. the centipede can finally make it up the first slope in Alpine! Albeit painfully slowly.

Oh and you know how we've always been looking for a way to make deformable vehicles. Would we be able to sort of modify the xProcMesh actor (as seen in Gadael as the billowing flags) to only modify the mesh upon impact and the place it adds the modification is where the car gets hit, and instead of the modification being an oscillation, like the normal xProcMesh, it's just a normal dent? Or is that impossible?

EDIT AGAIN: OK, so I've optimised 2 maps now (wow it really does reduce file size doesn't it?) but I keep having problems, as I go to change my materialsequence for the screnshot, I click the material field and replace it with my 512x256 texture and I keep getting this:

Build UT2004_Patch_[2004-06-11_16.51]

OS: Windows XP 5.1 (Build: 2600)
CPU: GenuineIntel Unknown processor @ 3028 MHz with 511MB RAM
Video: NVIDIA GeForce4 Ti 4200 (5216)


History: UD3DRenderDevice::ReadPixels <- UD3DRenderDevice::Present <- UUnrealEdEngine::Draw <- (Cam=TextureProp-1,Flags=1073791625 <- UWindowsViewport::Repaint <- UWindowsClient::Tick <- UEditorEngine::Tick <- UpdateWorld <- MainLoop

Anyone know a way around this?

29th Jul 2004, 09:17 AM
I don't usually make a preview animation thingy so I don't really know how they work, but have you tried making a whole new one instead of modifying the old one?

29th Jul 2004, 10:25 AM
Good Idea, it might have problems showing a preview that swaps from 1024x1024 to 512x256 (it auto-updates at each change and you can't turn that off)

I'll give it a go, thanx.

EDIT: Another bug - UWRC-MotoX seems to have no skybox, when you look up all you see are the edges of the subtracted cube that the level was added to.

And a vehicle bug (although this could have been fixed by ultranewbie's update) - The Shaguar's camera appears directly above it, whereas it should be a small distance behind it.

EDIT: and finally, I'm missing LostGodsMeshes and LostGodsHardware.

29th Jul 2004, 01:33 PM
Here's my latest bug news.

I have been trying out LAN games today and they seem to work just about the same as online games, not sure why it crashes when Jon tries it but I played for at least an hour without a single crash, on both a dedicated and a listen server. I did notice that when I do a listen server the server has alot of features that the clients don't, like a hud, visable player names, and working out of bounds volumes(minus the fade effect).

Kball has some problems too, it seems that the server is the only one who gets to see the ball, the clients see two balls that are in different places then the one that the server sees, and only the ball that the server sees can be scored with.

I don't know if this is too much info too fast Shrimp, let us know if you want us to keep posting all the bugs we find or not.

29th Jul 2004, 03:31 PM
Sorry ProjectX, I was sure I added all the supporting files, but when I checked my .zip I uploaded, it was missing. Go to the same folder you downloaded the latest build from and you can get the two packages I missed.

29th Jul 2004, 04:00 PM
Sorry ProjectX, I was sure I added all the supporting files, but when I checked my .zip I uploaded, it was missing. Go to the same folder you downloaded the latest build from and you can get the two packages I missed.

Thanx for those, your map's really good. :2thumbs: There's just 1 problem (other than the jump) the light streams coming from the skylights collide with the camera and that knocks the camera when you drive under it.

29th Jul 2004, 11:37 PM
I want to work on tweaking my maps but I have this problem, maybe Im just a HUGE noob but I am getting an error when I open my maps I got back in the new build and it looks like this: picture below.

30th Jul 2004, 03:37 AM
Don't worry about thm, you can still successfully edit your maps, they're just missing files from the POS vehicles.

30th Jul 2004, 03:45 AM
Hey Jerdaygo, next build those errors will be gone as everything will be straightened out. Like PX said, you can continue to edit no problem.

I am getting ready to import a brand new player model and skin I created for Unwheel. Thanks to diego and steve for the sweet helmet. :) As soon as I get it ingame i'll post an ingame pic!!

P.S - Ingame, the helmet visor will be transparent.

30th Jul 2004, 04:07 AM
That looks sweet ultranewbie! Now all we ned to do is incorporate that into the player selection screen in the UT2004 settings window so that you can only see our driver models. Oh, and if you have time you should do a female model so as to be politically correct (and so my sister has a model to play as when she whips me round city track)

30th Jul 2004, 06:35 AM
Very cool Newbie, looks awesome.

30th Jul 2004, 06:56 AM
Status report on my map work:

Optimised for file size:


Removed HOM Problems:


Optimised for FPS:


30th Jul 2004, 09:43 AM
Good work PX, how much size do you think you were able to shave off of those maps?

30th Jul 2004, 09:49 AM
Most have been dropped down to 30% of the original file size, and few have dropped down by less than 50%

EDIT: I've solved the auto-death problem. I turns out that in scaling the level, it placed the entire level beneath the auto-KillZ line, simply by editing the position of this line in the levelproperties Zoneinfo area I can set it to beneath my level.

30th Jul 2004, 01:46 PM
I know this isnt bug related but I did hear from Stranglet today, and he said his computer was down and thats why he didnt get us any music for this build, but he is back and has been making music, and he said he has been making some map specific stuff too, when he gets them done and gets them to me I will make them avalible :)

30th Jul 2004, 03:22 PM
I've just started my next map and I plan on using some karma actors in it. It seems that I am having problems very similar to the kball problems. The objects that the client sees aren't in the same place as the objects that the server sees and vice versa. Hopefully when kball gets fixed other karma objects will be fixed as well.

30th Jul 2004, 04:24 PM
WOW!!!! Nice job UltraNew_B:D I do think it is time to change your online name, how's about MaxMaster instead:) BTW UltraNew_B and Shrimp, you will know when you have the vehicles correct when they can make the ramp jump in lostgods; those ramps are the distance apart that could easily be jumped with my cars before the new code :lol:

30th Jul 2004, 04:41 PM
OK, finished importing the player model ingame. The file is on the ftp, it's called: DM_UW_PlayerModel_July30_2004.zip (455kb)

P.S - Steven, can you plz make a red helmet version for the helmet, the current is a hack job i did quickly, preferably the same red color/shade as the jersey. :D

Here is an ingame pic:

30th Jul 2004, 05:28 PM
Looks really good! :2thumb: I hope this doesn't produce nasty visuals in the in-car camera mode.

30th Jul 2004, 05:45 PM
Looks really good! :2thumb: I hope this doesn't produce nasty visuals in the in-car camera mode.

Nope, no effect on incar stuff, same as now. Incar camera does not display any player model at all. BTW, if your not aware, F4 key switches to incar camera mode, so you can test for yourself. The scroll button on your mouse acts a zoom function in Third Person mode.

30th Jul 2004, 06:28 PM
That second pic with the driver holding the gun reminds me of Mafia, that was a cool game.

31st Jul 2004, 12:12 AM
I red helmet, I hope it's close to what you want:)

1st Aug 2004, 05:40 AM
OK I'm done and I've uploaded my finished maps (at well under half the original file size) onto the FTP. (could you delete the files marked "Delete Me" Jon? Thanx.) I've also fixed the spawning as a dead vehicle problem and the HOM in Mawes, Caribbean and Arborea.

1st Aug 2004, 09:49 AM
hey PX just looked at your newly uploaded map, they are pretty sweet :) the only one that bothers me is UWRC-Mawes, it is a cool map dont get me wrong, but its not a 43.6 meg map, I have zipped just this level and put it on the ftp in the root directory so that maybe we can all take a look at it and see what is making it so big, I will look at it too, but maybe Steve or Adam could too. And if a problem is found just upload the one map and I can add it back to your rar file :), BTW UWRC-Samurai is awsome :) :) :)

1st Aug 2004, 01:27 PM
I just had a look at Mawes and I think I found the problem, almost every piece of bsp in that map is totaly off the grid, and many of the bsp objects are oddly shaped. The map is over 40 meg and I deleted all of the most oddly shaped pieces and it went down to 20 something meg right away. The first thing that you want to make sure of is that you have drag grid turned on, it's that little button at the bottom of the editor that looks like a grid, this should always be turned on whenever you are moving or creating bsp, although it's fine to turn if off when moving static meshes. Also you want to avoid turning the drag grid size down too far(it's the little combo box right next to the drag grid button), most maps can be done with the drag grid set to 16, if you need to go lower than 4 than you should probably find a differnt way to do what you want to do. Secondly, bsp should be keept as simple as posible, if you need to make a shape that is more complicated than a simple cube or eight sided cylinder than you should consider using a static mesh, the general rule is to only carve out your world space with bsp and fill it up with static meshes, although filling up the space with SIMPLE bsp that aligns to the grid is perfectly fine too. So keep learning maya because you are going to need it more and more.

Considering the rared size of the map, only 3+ meg, I don't think it would be worth rebuiling all of the bsp, even after I deleted several pieces of bsp the rared size only went down less than a meg even though the unrared size went down by 20 meg. I do however think that in your future maps you need to rethink the way you use bsp.

Hopefully Steven or someone else will have someting else to add, bsp has always been one of my weak points.

1st Aug 2004, 02:19 PM
Hopefully Steven or someone else will have someting else to add, bsp has always been one of my weak points.

Same with my, I prefer to use mostly SMs and Terrain, I can't remember using much BSP for the Mawes level, I think I converted those walls over to Static Mesh, and if I haven't I will do. The problem with SMs is that they just don't have the same wonderful light quality.

oh and I always have grid snap on and the grid rarely goes below 16, for some reason when I duplicate brushes they seem to decide to move off the grid. Does this happen to anyone else?

1st Aug 2004, 05:04 PM
for some reason when I duplicate brushes they seem to decide to move off the grid. Does this happen to anyone else?

Yes, it happens to me all the time, temple run has alot of stuff that is off the grid because of it.

1st Aug 2004, 05:26 PM
Yes, it happens to me all the time, temple run has alot of stuff that is off the grid because of it.

So does Mawes as you can tell

2nd Aug 2004, 11:35 AM
:eek: Yay, yay, yay... this is all looking very promising. Ever since I got unwheel I've been dying to play it MP.

One issue I had though, is that at the start of races, when a lot of vehicles where visible... there would be a touch of slow down. (now I don't have that bad a system either - Xp 3200+, raedeon 9600 XT 256) so I was wondering whether adding an actual driver model would'nt add to the slow down...
even tough the driver model does look sweet.

Good luck with all the work... keep it up!

2nd Aug 2004, 01:13 PM
One issue I had though, is that at the start of races, when a lot of vehicles where visible... there would be a touch of slow down. (now I don't have that bad a system either - Xp 3200+, raedeon 9600 XT 256) so I was wondering whether adding an actual driver model would'nt add to the slow down...
even tough the driver model does look sweet.

Hey Dub, thanks for the great comments, we appreciate it !!! :D

Regarding the slow downs, those issues ARE gone in the upcoming release, since we have ported all vehicles to S-Vehicle format (what UT2K4 uses) as opposed to the old K-Vehicle format which was a very laggy, cpu killer, when there was anymore than 1 vehicle in a map.

2nd Aug 2004, 05:12 PM
Yeah, and now my decrepit (although upgraded, it's still decrepit with bloody iSearch and incredifinds and other such adware/spyware that spysearch and adaware can't zap. Grr...) PC can run it on a LAN with my bro and sis!

EDIT: I noticed, Ultra that in your screens the trees appear to be two sheets with tree textures added. Is it at all possible to add some more polys to em like Steven's trees, only it would give them a serious visual boost, or would it seriously damage FPS?

2nd Aug 2004, 06:32 PM
The trees have 6 sheets with a normal trunk. Its just the angle makes it sems odd. High poly trees are not really necessary in a racing game, id rather exchange those polys for more cars.There are plenty of really nice trees included with UT2K4 as well :)

3rd Aug 2004, 02:09 AM
Yeah, but steves are only lime 150 polys each man, and multiple duplicated SMs hardly have any overhead on the actual FPS. That's why I could fill Sherwood with hundreds of his trees, WITH waving leaves.

4th Aug 2004, 06:35 AM
I am almost done with the Semi truck, this is for decoration purposes only:) Any suggestions; ever wanted to jump a truck:D

4th Aug 2004, 08:02 AM
I am almost done with the Semi truck, this is for decoration purposes only:) Any suggestions; ever wanted to jump a truck:D
We'd never get over it with the current speed issues

4th Aug 2004, 08:45 AM
We'd never get over it with the current speed issues

First, Nice truck Steve, second Physics volumes :D

4th Aug 2004, 07:27 PM
Almost jumped two:) The truck is finished, I added mirrors and a window in the sleeper, and the second color for a stripe that matches the fenders.

5th Aug 2004, 05:39 AM
I've got a small problem with lost gods. There's an area that could quite plainly be used as a shortcut, but is blockedoff by a blocking volume. I'm fine with it being blocked off it's just that first time players will think that's an easier way to go and crash into it. Perhaps a static mesh barrier as well as the blocking volume?

the place I'm talking about is attached to this post.

5th Aug 2004, 06:41 AM
oooo semi truck... is that a drivable vehicle? does the trailer move seperately from the front of the truck?

::edit:: oops stupid question... of course it aint a drivable vehicle.... its built for classical stunt scenarios or something...?

ooo ooo ooo ... i got an idea... like, you know in those 70's car chasy movies , sometimes they actually drive through the trailer, you know... like... vrooo-whoosh-ooom..... it barely fits a 'normal' car, so it cant be used fairly or something... bigger cars are better off climbing the mounds next to it and jumping over or landing on the trailer itself... or something

5th Aug 2004, 05:01 PM
Ok,Jon, ok Diego, ok ProjectX:) I have added a mesh to block that area to the newest version:D