View Full Version : How to get better pings for $10 at radio shack!

26th Mar 2000, 10:54 PM
Hey guys,

A month ago I purchased a device at radio shack called a teleprotector. It only costed 10 dollars, and it improved my pings! It kept them steady instead of HIGH then LOW then MID ect. I recommend all of you to go get one of these things. Here's the URL that I first learned of it from. This guys is 100% right except don't cut any wires of it, there's no need too.


P.S. or you could go here and get some help tweaking your modem, and UT to the best you can: http://www.redir.as/JEDICLAN

26th Mar 2000, 10:58 PM
Don't forget to get a shielded "modem cable" instead of a standard phone cable. Especialy if you are a long way from your phone jack

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26th Mar 2000, 11:07 PM
Where can you get a shielded modem cable? I heard of these b4 never found em. Also isn't there 2 types of phone wire? Hard and then flimsy? I tried rewiring my phone wires, they only had the flimsy kind, but I'm told there's some kind of hard wire, do you know where I can pick this up at?


27th Mar 2000, 02:22 AM
Us with cable modems shouldn't have to worry about -- *cough*, *cough* -- 28.8 connections /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif.

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