View Full Version : getting started: please help!

14th Jul 2004, 09:39 AM
Hey all :)
I recently downloaded the unreal runtime and started looking about for some tutorials etc...I have managed to set everything in VC7.1, and it seems to compile the small 'hello world' app I have made, as per this tutorial:


Right, we've created our package interface file (.int), written our code (.uc), and compiled it into a package file (.u) it's now time to test our mutator. Start up Unreal Tournament and go to the mutator page. You should see your Hello World mutator in the list of available mutators.

I have the files etc set up but in the runtime GUI there appears to be no 'mutator' option. :( :mad:
Do I need a copy of UT2003 to run this? Is this the wrong way to go about it? I cant seem to find any tutorials about the U2runtime specifically. Anyone have any links? Even a brief description of setting up a test application would be very helpful.