View Full Version : i need a skin made

12th Jul 2004, 03:44 PM
i have a clan called the [CIA] i need a some1 who can make me some skins if any1 can help plz post back.
1 of the skins i am amagining is a male in a black tux and the undershirt is the color of the team(red, blue,ext). the tux should also have culfs near the wrists(wear the under shirt hangs out). and on the back it should say [CIA]CLAN (from sholder to sholder) and again the lettering should be the team color.
for a female most likely the same thing just a girls body.
the heads i there should be like 3 guy heads and 3 girl heads...
blonde male-with sunglasses
red haired male-with sunglasses
black haired male-with sunglasses

red headed women-with sunglasses
blonde headed women-with sunglasses
black haired women-with sunglasses

if any1 would like to make these plz email me at