View Full Version : New Statics help.

12th Jul 2004, 03:03 AM
OK, well I am making a simple mutator that fixes 2 things i want to be changed... lol the 199 health limit to 200 and the 150 shield limit to 200 as well. So far I have this code in the .uc file right now...

class NewStats extends Mutator;

var int StartingHealth, MaximumHealth, SuperMaxHealth;

function ModifyPlayer(Pawn Other)
local xPawn x; //x is a variable
x = xPawn(Other);
if (x != None)
x.Health = StartingHealth;
x.HealthMax = MaximumHealth
x.SuperHealthMax = SuperMaxHealth

FriendlyName="New Stats"
Description="I have fixed a few things here... This mutator Basically fixes the 199 HP cap to 200 and the 150 armor count to 200. lol"

If you see anything wrong here please do tell! I am not entirely sure what the classes for modifying the max shield amount is called... :( Yes I know there are 2 caps... one at 50 and the other at 150. it would help me greatly if someone can clarify these 2 classes to me! :)

also. since I am relatively a noobie in coding, can anyone clarify how to add a GUI or a button that allows these changes to be modified in the mutator config menu?

[edit] Nevermind... I have found out the GUI issue on my own... lol However, the name of the "shield" class is still a mystery. I have looked all over wiki.com too :hmm: . I am still unable to find the two clases for the shield caps.