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9th Jul 2004, 07:32 AM
I run my own UT server and have it on dedicated mode and like to keep kick votes on for when i am not there. People get out of hand sometimes and will kick players for no proper reason, even when i am in the game. Is it possible for a mapvote addon to be created or a modification of mapvote 302 or 304 or even the mapvote for mods and mutators, that will allow a logged in admin to see who placed the kick vote.

(i like to keep kick voting on so if someone comes in just to lame with a name made up of characters i dont know how to type, or will take me too long to type, can be admin kicked just through the mapvote window.)

With a mod i can see who the real lamer is who is kicking for no reason. Also a function to reverse the kick vote (so it appears against the kickers name as opposed to who he/she placed a kick vote against if i want it to - without fully admin kicking the player) could be a nice way around it.

Or even just a password to find out who kickvoted, which could be set by the admin, and admins do not need to be logged in to see who kickvoted.....

If all the players could see who kickvoted though it would cause "friends" to kick the same person etc and cause a lot of problems

im full of ideas but have never tryed editing mods or mutators before. could someone please look into this and possibly follow one of my ideas up into a working version?.....

12th Jul 2004, 04:59 PM
my version of mapvote (for UT99) will broadcast who placed a kick vote. it is configurable. unfortunately it may have more functionality than you need. but you may like it.


there is an extensive readme within it, it should detail everything. there is also a thread sticky'd at the top that has more info, and a place you can ask questions.

21st Jul 2004, 10:40 AM
i have set it all up and i found it very useful for all my mods, however, i do not know how to set it so that the admin can see who placed the kick vote...

21st Jul 2004, 01:33 PM
it should be a simple setting, bShowVoterNames=True. It is true by default, and you can also change it ingame.