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6th Jul 2004, 06:55 PM
Hey All

Been playing the mod for a lot recently, and the main thing I notice when playing with bots is some just seem to decide on doing one thing and that is about all they will do all of the game.

Some just sit in a turret and never leave it, even when you are down to no clones. They just stay there and make no attempt to even change the pumps, and the game ends.

Some seem to just pace around in a small area again for the complete game, same rules about 0 clones apply.

Also I have had to screw the bot skill up to godlike to get a decent match out of them, but even then there is a high likely hood I will win. On an default ONS map such as torlan if the bots are on godlike they have usually won the match before I have even chosen a vehicle!!!

Would it be possible to add some clone bandits orders to the order list, i.e. do the pumps, get some jars, be a kamakazi rocket bike rider!!, etc. Would def make bots easier to manage in the game?

Dont think that this is a big complaint, I still love the mod and play on your DS server loads. But when there is no one about I like to still play but with bots.

So as english kids of the 70's would say dear Jim please can you fix it for me?


Nick age 6 :lol:

6th Jul 2004, 07:10 PM
One of the CB programmers tells me that the orders do work, but the descriptions are wrong. If you play around one of them ought to cause bots to take clone pumps, capture jars, etc. He's super-busy but if he gets some free time he'll draw up a list of what orders do what.


6th Jul 2004, 07:13 PM
cheers, what a speedy reply!!