View Full Version : freehand polygon drawing

28th Jun 2004, 10:03 AM
After closing the loop in a freehand polygon drawing, I cannot get the "Create brush" option (right click on the created polygon). Any ideas?

<<(edited insert Jun 29) I have discovered that right clicking OFF of the created polygon will bring up an option to "Create Brush", and then an option to determine the width to which the brush is to be extruded. However, on finishing all of that, the red brush disappears, and there is no sign that any thing has been done. It appeared to work right one time, but I have been unable to make it work again.>>

I find that the tool will not create a vertex point directly on top of an existing line or vertex. This means that, in order to close the loop, I must create the final vertex close to, but not on, the beginning vertex, then slide the last over the first via left click. Does this sound right? (It was not mentioned in the tutorials.)