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24th Jun 2004, 11:07 AM
I got bored so I got round to writing up the top reasons why not many people seem to like us on most forums. They are:

1. Nobody seems to have heard of us. We're described as a "very quiet team". To remedy this we should release more promotions, a few bonus maps, somce more screens, progress reports and shots of internal betas to entice the public. We could also do with signing our mod up to every review service and file hosting network available.

2. This occurs surprisingly frequently. A lot of people are peeved that they have to constantly control the camera with the mouse. This has a simple solution, pimp the change camera button.

3. People complain that the mod feels slow. A lot of people believe that the cars drive to slowly. When we finally release this as a TC (incl. menus and custom intro scenes and a place in the community mods area of UT2004) we could include a mutator that high-speeds the mod by upping the game speed by say 1.5 or we could use the 1.5x game speed as standard and add a mut to bring it to "UnWheel Classic" either way that can be fixed.

4. People complain that our driving physics are too cartoony. Since this is a design feature we can't do anything about it except point to UnrealSpeed.

24th Jun 2004, 07:56 PM
a design feature that requires the team to point to another mod?
i am still thinking, artificial lateral forces for relevant vehicles to properly simulate road conditions
cmon guys , this cant be that hard right...
and plus... imagine driving a jaguar sports car through monster truck terrain, it just feels ... hmmm..... well at least if people try that they'll lose for sure against someone who picked a vehicle thats more up to the task... like, a monster truck should have vertical aiding forces to make it somewhat 'float' through tough terrain and it is less sensitive to the geometry that its sitting on, while a sports car should have sideways forces to make it's turning snappy and quick, these forces should relate to its speed like the inverse of the torque of the vehicle... oh well wont stop them complaining about the cartooniness, at least it lets people immerse themselves more in the gameplay...
hm am i the only person talking about how the on road cars skid like bulldogs , all this time?

24th Jun 2004, 08:00 PM
Number 1 would be because not many people are looking for a racing mod for there first person shooter so you have to really pimp it out there to everyone, The PC magizine should help.
Number 2 agree with totaly.
Number 3 If you going to adjust the speed do it properly make a track that is as close to real world ratio as you can get it. I noticed that our Unreal speed mod wasnt that slow when I raced it on a narrow track compared to the other wide tracks. Make a Drag strip and adjust the cars on that.
Number 4 I wouldnt say that they are cartoony just very arcade. ;)

6th Jul 2004, 05:46 PM
also i think that, we should educate people about the difference between svehicles and kvehicles, and show why our mod is clearly superior