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22nd Jun 2004, 08:39 PM
I have a few maps made by mappers who aren't in the community anymore that I love alot and I would like to know how I can convert them over to UT2k3/2k4. I don't have UT2k4 yet....BAD ZORCH....BAD ZORCH...but I'm gonna correct that soon. Anyway, can anyone help me?

22nd Jun 2004, 08:48 PM
That is no small project. I've been told that map making has evolved somewhat with the UT2004 version of UEd and that it's slightly more complicated to make maps. There might be a way of importing information from UT maps though.

Glider of chaos
23rd Jun 2004, 12:41 AM
it's more complicated becoz of those freaking meshes.

& about porting ...
try exporting map into t3d ...
U should be able 2 import it into new editor

23rd Jun 2004, 02:25 AM
afraid export/import doesn't work correctly.
It works, but the brushes are scattered around. If it's a small, low detail map you may have a chance but importing a decent looking map is going to take ages lining up brushes and reordering them.
Then you have all the "normal" stuff to do.

Just make a new map, it'll take less than 1/8th of the time.

23rd Jun 2004, 07:42 AM
save a copy of the map you want to export (just in case u mistakenly save an altered version) and then open the copy

select all brushes, right click and select transform permanently

right click the selected brushes and select copy

open UEd3 and select paste

thats it - now you have to retexture, light and botpath it (bear in mind you might want to rescale the map if its not for use with the UTClassic mutator)

23rd Jun 2004, 09:41 AM
Correct, there are official remakes also. :)

and please, dont call it UT99 :stick:

23rd Jun 2004, 11:53 AM
Isn't there a modteam working on an "unreal tournament mod" for ut2004?
Including of course the classic ut maps?

23rd Jun 2004, 05:22 PM
This is DM-SniperTown.unr from Nali City. Its one my favorites in UT.

The mapper did the one map and hasn't do anything else since them.

Glider of chaos
24th Jun 2004, 03:00 AM
Isn't there a modteam working on an "unreal tournament mod" for ut2004?
Including of course the classic ut maps?
There's no point in doing this. UT is great. UT2003-4 sucks. I have no intention of buying this piece of crap just 2 play UT which I already have.

24th Jun 2004, 08:34 AM
Isn't there a modteam working on an "unreal tournament mod" for ut2004?
Including of course the classic ut maps?

Its called Unreal Tournament Revolution and the forum is hosted here at BU.

Theres not many people currently working on it although I personally did get a ways through converting Coret for it.
The idea sprang from a post by Prophetus wanting too se what the differences were between UT and UT2k3 by remaking the former in the new engine, but with the graphics amped up to current levels. This was (and still is) a great idea but Im not sure that if/when anything comes out from this mod it will be any more than simply playing UT, with its graphics and maps in the new engine - which is a shame considering the whole point was for it too look much nicer

After all, before the 2k3 demo thats pretty much what most UT players were expecting/hoping for :)

24th Jun 2004, 09:11 AM
There's no point in doing this. UT is great. UT2003-4 sucks. I have no intention of buying this piece of crap just 2 play UT which I already have.

Just stick to UT and shutup then, because u don't like it there is no point in it? ah yeh, we all want what u want right? :rolleyes:

24th Jun 2004, 09:56 AM
To be honest, ut2004 looks quite good. I'm thinking of buying it pretty soon.
(Especially for all those interesting mods).

24th Jun 2004, 10:06 AM
:eek: u don't have it yet neo?! wow...I'm surprized...

24th Jun 2004, 10:33 AM
Well, it's only been out for 3 months ?
But seriously, I'm definitaly buying this game.
Though I also need to upgrade my rig :B It'll take some time before I'll be able to run that game at higher resolutions/high detail, but I can live with that...

24th Jun 2004, 01:20 PM
I think 2k4 is better 2 than 2k3, Maby its just that the theme was UT remix :) (at least in the demo)
and the sniper is back just like skaarj :)

Did 45 minutes 2 download the demo, still played it 5 mins and then threw it away like 2k3.

The original game is 6 GB r something 2, I dont even have it right now ;)

24th Jun 2004, 01:38 PM
Just so you know, once I've finished tweaking my other map (CTF-LB-Convoy [UT2K4]), I'm starting work on rebuilding from scratch, CTF-Chasm and CTF-DiamondSword to 2k4, in that order.

24th Jun 2004, 02:04 PM
There's no point in doing this. UT is great. UT2003-4 sucks. I have no intention of buying this piece of crap just 2 play UT which I already have.

Does this mean you don't have 2k3/2k4? If so you've missed a lot or you just don't like it because so much was changed in 2k3 as compared to UT. The graphics weren't the only thing that got a facelift in UT2k3/2k4, the interface was changed. I personally thing the original Mac OS inspired UT menu bar interface was the best. This way you could open a window to begin a off-line game with bots then jump to the configuration screen to change settings without having to go back and forth through the menus like you do now.

I think Epic changed the menu system in 2k3/2k4 to make it look more like Quake III in order to grab the attention of diehard Id Software fans. Why they saw this as important I don't know because Quake III was a POS compared to the original UT and all later versions despite it having better graphics than the original UT. Of course 2k3/2k4 kick Q3A's butt when it comes to graphics, and the Bots in UT have always been smarter than the Baka Bots in Q3A.

24th Jun 2004, 03:12 PM
... i don't have UT2004...

BTW: Sniper Rifle is back... nerfed = crap
Skaarj are back... i play with Skaarj Hybrid model in UT (best rendition of Skaarj models YET)... Skaarj in UT2004 are crappy looking. More willing to call it Orc from LoTR than a Skaarj (even though UT's an hybrid between humans).

Of course UT2004 is better than UT (and UT2003 :/), but:
1. my computer doesn't run it optimal, so buying a game for crappy play FPS is no-no. Add to that that i don't have money to get a new computer like you all mommy-kids.
2. Even though i eager to put my hands at BR and DDOM (oh yeah, they have ONS and AS too... almost forgot :p), it's mainly UT and some ppl like me just can't feel that 'immediate' appeal to go get it. Especially with patches being released all time. DUh.
3. Until now, the single reason i could ever consider getting UT2004 is the absolutely awesome MODs being made for it. Not just great, they come by the dozens! In a way, UT2004 will live not because of what it is, but because of what MOD ppl in the community make for it.
Oh yes... CS lives... but HL doesn't...

24th Jun 2004, 03:35 PM
Of course UT2004 is better than UT

No its not, thats what you think :mad:

24th Jun 2004, 05:28 PM
Well it's all a matter of personal preference. You just make up your own mind, wether ut or ut2004 or ut1402508238 is the best game... :)

24th Jun 2004, 08:19 PM
Nahand, what do you think of Skaarj in Unreal II ? I find them a bit 'heavy' looking but otherwise they are far more impressive than any rendition I've seen so far (especially the heavy trooper Skaarj that shoot fireballs that take up half the screen...).

Glider of chaos
25th Jun 2004, 12:53 AM
I have licensed version of UT.
When it comes 2 UT2004 I won't spend my money even on pirated version (it costs 'bout 5 $ )
I don't like the changes they've made ... & this Q3-style desighn just make me sick. They ripped everything from q3 while making UT2003 ... there's a bit more of original UT in UT2004 but it doesn't make any difference

25th Jun 2004, 03:36 AM
Yes thats my prob 2, the damned engine!!!

Like Neonite said, Its just your taste, what you like, cause a lot Of Ut-ers are playing 2k3 and 2k4 now, if al those new mods/maps and stuff were just made on the UT engine who maby might be a bit cooler (like the CSengine on Xbox instead of PC), I certainly would buy it :)

25th Jun 2004, 06:21 AM
No its not, thats what you think :mad:

well... it's true, technically speaking. You are refering to the "other" aspect of it, that really makes you love it or hate it.
Still, UT's weapons feel so unpowered, sound-wise, not so with Q3A and UT2004. Someone should make an update to UT weapons FOR UT, with new meshes/sounds/effects, but keeping then exactly like UT, statistics-wise. That... is a good idea. And starting with Enforcer sucks.

As i've said, i would forget UT2004 if i'd get all those things that make it slightly appealing, in UT.
1. the MODs. Just not possible, so i have to live with it.
2. Weapons re-vamped. Possible if someone with knowledge would be willing to do it. Unfortunately, most that do, have moved to UT2004/other engine.
3. Gametypes. A respawn-timed AS with some other little rules, maybe class-based, in UT style, not UnF or so. ONS will never land in UT, so the main things that i would really like to get in UT are BR, DDOM and INV gametypes. Of course there's plenty of little MODs out there that do it in a way or another. But what would be great would be a more UT2004 depiction of these gamemodes, not some flyby look-a-like gamemodes that a guy makes just for learning.

As of yet, i don't feel, as a gamer and as a mapper, that i should move to UT2004 and if those points i've writed were accomplished, i would definitly not look to UT2004 ever.

Now, who has the coding knowledge and the balls?

About Skaarj in U2... well... they could be worse, but i was talking about a player model Skaarj, and for that the Skaarj Hybrid stands unsurpassed. As far as 'general' modeling goes/enemy modeling, the Skaarj Scout-look-a-like in U2 seems a pretty good rendition of what we've seen in Unreal. About those "beefed-up" Skaarj you mention though... they are/seemed 'forced'...

1st Oct 2004, 04:14 PM
and now i want to know if it works to convert the map
(copy paste the brushes )