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12th Jun 2004, 02:07 AM
Well on to the coding forums.
I have been attempting to make maps since ut2004 came out and have reached a point on each of them where i decided that i wasnt making something unique enough then slowly lost interest in the map, consequently never finishing it.
So I decided to move on to moding, starting by making a new gametype (well smaller than that first), but am having some trouble finding a good starting tutorial.
I have a background in some scripting for other games, and jots of coding java, so need to go that beginer.

Can someone give me a link to a good beginer tutorial including building the mod folders and ini files etc.

thanks, peace

[SAS]Solid Snake
12th Jun 2004, 03:00 AM
First do a basic google search, second do a forum search. I remember a lot of threads back in the past regarding questions of the mod structure, although it resembles a lot of what people were doing back in UT99. I believe Epic have released an official document regarding this issue.

Come up with specific goals of what you want to achieve, instead of 'make a new gun' do it more like 'a fantabulously fast minigun that shoots out Flak' which is more defined and you'll know the right approaches to how to do it. I guess with your background in other languages will help. If you don't understand OOP (Which I doubt, since Java uses OOP a lot) then learn up on that. I would recommend leaving Replication & Server/Client model as one of the last few things to learn as that side of UnrealScript can get very tricky ... but if you can pick it up easily then it just means you're pretty good at learning stuff quickly.

Lastly the Wiki has a plethora of information that is beyond my imagination. From definitions, explainations and to everything else that you could possible imagine it is there. The link is, http://wiki.beyondunreal.com. Those 3DBuzz tuts don't seem half bad, although I personally haven't seen what they have to offer...