View Full Version : Swingbug?

8th Jun 2004, 05:23 AM
I was so happy when I saw that the new multiplayer beta was released. Finally some action without having to reinstall UT2004 (I have the 3204 patch ;)).

But when I started a game, it took me ages to hit the ball. The swingmeter would reset constantly, which gets very annoying after 20 tries.
I know the readme says that there are problems with it, but I'd never would have thought that this means it's virtually impossible to hit the ball.

I also noticed that when you press both left and right mousebuttons at the same time, the meter just goes in the opposite direction (counterclockwise).

Is there a patch planned sooner or later to address these issues? I really want to have a go at online play with a friend, but since it takes several tries to hit the ball, we would get bored very quickly.

PS: I did a clean install if you're wondering. I also tried deleting the ini files to let Duffers regenerate them.