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8th Jun 2004, 04:23 AM
I put a dedicated server up anyone who wants to join it should type

"open" in the console. At the moment it does not show up in the server browser because I still need to unblock port 7787.

For anyone who wants the source for the .bat file I am starting it with:

@echof off
cd System
ucc server DG-Bluffs?Game=DuffersGame.DGame?MaxPlayers=32?AdminName=YOURADMINNAME?AdminPassword=YOURADMINPASS -mod=Duffers -log=DuffersServer.log
echo SERVER CRASHED %time% %date%
echo SERVER CRASHED %time% %date% >> DuffersCrashLog.log
type DuffersServer.log >> DuffersCrash.log
goto start

BUT obviously change your adminpassword...especially before posting it on a public forum

That .bat assumes you have the .bat in your ut2004 directory, if you have it in the duffers directory change it from "cd System" to "cd ..\System"