View Full Version : Troopers Storybook Chapter 4 Released

6th Jun 2004, 08:23 PM
Yoshiro of the UT2004 Troopers team gave out an update on the progress of the mod's release:

A lot of you may already know, and the rest of you are sure to have guessed, but here's the official word: the first version of Troopers: Dawn of Destiny to ever be released for Unreal Tournament 2004 is releasing later on tonight. As this is being typed, the developers are locked in a slew of last-minute updates, changes, corrections, fixes, additions, and other alterations to the game in preparation for the release of Version 3.0, replete with everything from a brand-new GUI to snubfighter combat and class-based tactical team warfare. If you are looking to be among the first to have the opportunity to download and play Troopers, then be sure to hop in #ut2004troopers on irc.gamesurge.net if you aren't already there! Chat with Yoshiro, ViperEye, and your fellow fans as you await the release, and then be the first to get the mod as we announce the download link in IRC before the website even gets touched.

Also, the fourth and final installment of the storybook series has been released:

It's been a long and arduous journey, and this most recent leg is almost complete. While you're waiting, be sure to grab the final chapter of our Troopers Storybook, Chapter 4. In the final hours of the wait, we begin the tale of a few brave men with only a few hours left themselves. Men who knew their mission was dangerous and almost sure death but went anyway. This is the tale of the short but meaningful fight aboard the Star Destroyer, Iron Regent.

Download Troopers Storybook Chapter 4 (Windows) from BeyondUnreal FileWorks
Download Troopers Storybook Chapter 4 (Mac and Linux) from BeyondUnreal FileWorks