View Full Version : fault with ut2004 or jailbreak?

4th Jun 2004, 02:59 PM
hello, i was playing jailbreak today and started castlebreak. all was going well until i loaded the link gun. As im running the game with full gfx and i only have 256Mb ram, loading things takes a little bit of time so when i shot with the alternate link it froze for a split second. I noticed that the beam was shot off to the middle of the map :hmm: i shot it again and it does it everytime, for a split second the beam goes to the middle of the map and then re-aligns itself to where your actually shooting. i managed to get a good screenshot of it to show ya what i mean.

is this a fault with ut2004 and the link's tracking device? or is it summin to do with jailbreak? i havent tried it in any other gametype yet and i will do immediately.


here's the screenshot: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/dancooper87/UT/fireintonowhere.jpg

ooo ooo oo! i just remembered, i asked another guy who was playing on the server and he noticed the link firing like this as well! so its got nothing to do with my ram! :P