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3rd Jun 2004, 08:55 PM
Shot 1 - 1st hole, 150ish yards off the tee, fairway right:
Ball rolls downhill for 9 years here
Shot 2 - 4th hole, sand trap in front of the green:
You can see I am "in front of" the ball. Also on this shot, I hit the pin and it popped out but it still gave me credit for an eagle (Shot 5)
Shot 3 - 4th hole, 45-foot putt:
Ball spun briefly in front of the hole, then popped and rolled 10 feet past.
Shot 4 - 4th hole, 25-foot putt:
I also had an episode on this green where it rolled halfway to the cup and stopped dead for no reason (I had plenty on the putt).

4th Jun 2004, 11:54 PM
Apparently falling out of world isn't the only thing on hole 9. I had another ball gets stuck on nothing episode. See attached pic.

In this screenie, I just took a second putt from the exact spot where it got hung up. It would not putt, it just swung right through the ball.