View Full Version : ? on How to disable translocator in options in 2k4 mapvote

29th May 2004, 03:20 PM
I'm running a 2k4 server and want the trans for BR, but not CTF and DM. I read the other thread on here where a guy was trying this but I tried what he said and it isn't working for me.

Im go into the "voting game config" part of the webadmin menu. Then I have my mutators set the same on all 3 gametypes but BR (where I allow adrenaline).

On CTF and DM, in the "OPTIONS" box, I put in the following:


Now I have tried doing this with just the option boxes in ctf and dm; and then I tried this out with ?Translocater=False in ctf and dm, and ?Translocater=True in the br options box.

Am I doing something wrong?

If i disable or enable trans from the "Rules" menu, then it disables/enables it from all 3 gametypes.