View Full Version : Thanks for a great mod everyone.

28th May 2004, 03:51 PM
Best of luck in the MSU contest too. There is so much to JB I would think you would win in a few catagories.

The music is AWSOME! The maps are facinating and spectacular. And I am so very glad to hear UnrealGrrl in my games again. Its nice to hear a real womans voice instead of an idealized version, she adds immediacy to games. The bot support is top notch too. And that is great for slow learners like myself at the end of a hard day and for those on really slow modem lines.

You guys and gals have really done something spectacular here. I stayed up way too late last night playing Jailbreak. Had a blast using the Lawdogs cowboy models. Added even more to the theme. And I look forward to even more maps being made for Jailbreak. Yet I was very surprised to find so many already in there. Great job everyone. Your awsome.