View Full Version : Maximum Velocity Paintball Update

27th May 2004, 11:39 PM
Deadlyassasin of the Maximum Velocity Paintball team sent word that they have been hard at work on their mod. Currently, he reports, map-work, animation, and other content creation is approximately 80% complete while the code is only about 60% complete. They have recently been helped by Epic, but they could use some more help. Here's the rundown:
We are looking for coders with experience with unreal script, we as a team feel that code is our weakest department, and if we can add experienced coders to our staff the mod would roll along. Being part of our staff has several benefits. A few paintball companies sponsor Mvpb and other companies support our mod by donating products or any help they can to make sure everything is accurate. If your a coder and you are interested in the opportunity to work on a successful mod, and work with other people with your talent, then you are perfect for Mvpb.

Here is their contact information, if you're interested in helping them out:

Email: CrimsFactory@comcast.net
AIM: CrimzKilla69
Website: http://www.mvpb.net
IRC: irc.gamesurge.net #mvpb