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ROFL 451
27th May 2004, 04:47 PM
Ok, I am creating a weapon, and i have most of the model done. It is the Arc Rod. Can be configured with the Super Arc Rod for Insta-Gib like games.

Here's the idea:

Hold down primary fire to deliver a stream of supercharged electricity. It wont drain ammo unless you touch someone with it. It delivers constant damage when you are firing and touching someone. No more whack-with-the-shieldgun. Instead, creep up behind that sniper and fry him!

Secondary fire slowly recharges the battery. Careful! Don't want to be caught in a tight spot recharging!

Super Arc Rod has 5 ammo, and recharges those quite quickly. One touch with an actived Super Arc Rod kills. Also - Arc Rod and Super Arc Rod are BOTH very silent. None of this JJJJJNNNNNGGGGHHHHH Shield Gun noise! Recharge rate can be configured for both Super and Normal versions.

Both can be added as a starting weapon, or as pickups. Tired of whacking people AWAY from you with the SG? Look no further! Instead, quickly (and for the most part, painlessly) fry your enemy!

I hope to be done with it soon. Code comes next :P egad.

27th May 2004, 06:27 PM
That sounds good. I like.