View Full Version : "Vampire vs. Priest" Mod !!!!

10th Mar 2000, 03:29 AM
We are making a TC for Unreal Tournament with the name "Vampire vs.
Priest". Two teams with individual characteristics and weapons will fight
against each other in a team dm, assault, domination or CTF. Priests with
weapons like "holy water gun", "garlic thrower", "sun light gun" etc.
Vampires with weapons like "Blood Star" etc...; everything in gothic-maps

To finish this project we need modelers,
mappers, sound artists, scripters and a texture artist and skinner.

If you are interested, I can mail you the complete concept!

This is a free project, just for fun...

If you like to join and help us or you've got some ideas, mail me at
rnockemann@gmx.de, or contact me with ICQ #64365679.

Thank you!