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24th May 2004, 04:26 AM
We don't yet have definite plans for how to run the Lockdown & Wednesday Parole -- and the JB Mothership in general.

We hope to have one server for JB2003, one for JB2004, and Sexmachine tells me he will probably be keeping a JBIII server going for a few months at least.

But it all depends on YOU, the players.

So please post your thoughts on this, and vote in the poll to give us an idea of who will be playing what. :)
NOTE: you can vote for more than one option!!!!!

24th May 2004, 04:41 AM
For Sundays i think i`ll stay with original :)
Im not sure who has UT2003 rather then 4 (or who rather use 2003 then 4 :con: ) but at least everyone has the Original so it should be used as the lockdown.

24th May 2004, 04:45 AM
JBIII will always stay my favorite, but I enjoy UT2004 too. ;)

I would like to see that JBIII stay with atleast one lockdown and it would be nice to have another lockdown for UT2003/4. Wednesdays are not that busy so maybe that lockdown can go to UT2003/4. :mwink:

24th May 2004, 05:29 AM
I'll keep on playing Jailbreak III for a couple of months as my PC is too crappy for UT200X (it's just not enjoyable with all details set to low) :(

24th May 2004, 06:53 AM
JBIII and JB2004 for me. Why have UT2003 and JB2003 when I have UT2004 and JB2004? ;)

For Lockdown, JBIII is preferred atm, partly because my UT2004 pings are higher than JBIII.

24th May 2004, 07:32 AM
Thats strange- if anything, you should be pinging better, with the "new and improved" netcode in 2k4.

24th May 2004, 08:31 AM
Well... the Jailbreak 200x test servers are all over in the U.S., and the current Jailbreak MotherShip is over here in Europe. So that might be the primary cause for different pings for ZedMaestro... :)

24th May 2004, 08:39 AM
Will the final 200x mothership servers be in the US or Europe?

24th May 2004, 09:36 AM
Looks like it's gonna be in the US of A

24th May 2004, 09:48 AM
Well I haven't played UT200X but I will play either JBIII or JB2004 (UT2003 is not installed). I xan't vote what JB I will play but currently UT2004 consums ALL of my time and origanal UT reamains unplayed :(.

24th May 2004, 09:52 AM
Looks like it's gonna be in the US of A
:eek: :( :con: Lag is already high atm for us, ( :rolleyes: which is probably caused by the SpeedHack) poor ZedMeastro :p
Any chance that there will be a server in Europe in the future?

24th May 2004, 11:03 AM
:eek: :( :con: Lag is already high atm for us, poor ZedMeastro :p
Any chance that there will be a server in Europe in the future?
If i could disable my firewall at around 8pm (gmt) i could set one up :lol:
*rubs hands at though of admin controlls* :biggrin2:
But running on a laptop isnt great for Ut2004 best for 5 players

24th May 2004, 12:03 PM
Well... the Jailbreak 200x test servers are all over in the U.S.
ow, to my knowledge the ut2004 one is in The Netherlands ?

24th May 2004, 12:09 PM
Um... pretty please for JB2004 server in Europe :)

Broadband should be coming to me in August though, although for a server in the USA... well, you've said it all already.

24th May 2004, 12:17 PM
ow, to my knowledge the ut2004 one is in The Netherlands ?
Right, my mistake.

24th May 2004, 12:17 PM
Can the UNREALextreme.de ppl offer server hosting too?

24th May 2004, 12:40 PM
well for me it will be jb2k4 and the original jb and for the lockdown i think I want the original and for parole it could be 2k4 :)

Royal TS mit Käse
24th May 2004, 01:12 PM
Ive got all Ut Series but I never played UT99 or JBIII really. And Im new to JB. So I think, I will start with UT2004 :)

24th May 2004, 02:52 PM
/me waits for someone else to vote for JB2003 ...

24th May 2004, 02:58 PM
/me thinks it is time for Tarquin to go and buy UT2004. :D

24th May 2004, 03:19 PM
Hehe.... I'd better send round a collection tin

24th May 2004, 03:25 PM
Hehe.... I'd better send round a collection tin
well you could do that on the jelp but thats a little late

24th May 2004, 03:32 PM
/me looks for the "all 3" button


24th May 2004, 03:59 PM
/me looks for the "all 3" button

It's a multiple choice poll!!! lol

you can vote for more than one thing!!!!!

24th May 2004, 04:30 PM
I do like JBIII, but i'm just a bit bored with it after 2 years.
I'm looking forward to JB2004 the most. I do have UT2003 installed, but i find it runs worse than UT2004 on my PC o_O

If I don't go and get wasted on Wednesday night (end of exams, woohoo) I'll definatly stop by for some 2k4 fragging :)

I voted for JB2004 incase it wasn't obvious.

24th May 2004, 04:55 PM
Tarquin knows something we dont.... get Ut2003 out !! :o

24th May 2004, 05:02 PM
This is the only other mod besides Chaos I was waiting for to come to 2003.....er 2004 now...Safe to say I'll probably abandon UT now except for some SP mods.

24th May 2004, 11:40 PM
Playing JBIII once and a while has been fun, especially before UT2004 came out. Now that it has though I find that it's less and less tempting to go back to UT. I probably won't play JBIII so I said JB2004 only, but I suppose I might play the very occasional lockdown if they're being held. As for JB2003, well, I personally think UT2003 is going to die out online well before UT does. It's nice to support JB for UT2003, but I seriously doubt it'd be worth the effort to try and build up a lockdown for it.

25th May 2004, 06:09 PM
JB III will always be a great game/mod. But the screenys and talsk of JB2004 makes me wanna vote 2004 :P as far as a server is concerned. What is the average bandwidth used for a JB server (weither it be JBIII or JB2004) and what system requirments?

in 2-3 months i will have a good (business) connection and i will see about running a permanent server if anyone wishes for one. ( maybe a perma UTIII server?)

25th May 2004, 10:14 PM
JB uses only slightly more bandwith and (possibly) processor power than standard gametypes. You can probably just refer to the standard Epic guidelines for servers, which I've heard before but can't find written anywhere.

26th May 2004, 11:20 AM
theres really no reason to run 2003, almost everyone who plays will have ut2004 and soon no one will be playing ut2003 at all, let alone mods for it... sure its nice to have compatability, but for servers of which there will be few at first, we should support the current release as much as possible. so id vote ut2004 for all lockdowns (besides the UT version if it stays popular enough)...

Hehe.... I'd better send round a collection tin

theres still time to enter my UT2004 DVD SE giveaway ;) (http://www.unrealgrrl.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=127)

26th May 2004, 11:31 AM
I'll sign up when I find the DVD drive giveaway :D

26th May 2004, 03:23 PM
evening. just registered for the forums, because i thought you might like my input. or not. anyway, i used to have JB for UT but didn't play on the net much as i had a really naff dialup connection. i have natty broadband now, so i've been rather looking forward to playing JB for UT2004. i've uninstalled my copy of 2003 and sent it in for a rebate on 2004 - £7.50 is £7.50 after all - and i don't think i'd still play the original if i reinstalled it, so my vote goes to 2004. ta da!

TK v3
28th May 2004, 12:33 PM
Woot. A new Britlandish player.

Yeah, I'll be stuck with pretty crappy graphics on UT2004, at least until I can upgrade my mobo in this box of hell. AGP4x rips apart my 9200 by far...

5th Jun 2004, 10:17 AM
i'd play UT and UT04 JB.

btw is it possible to turn off jb2004 map voting for a some time, really bugs me playing same 3-4 maps :s

5th Jun 2004, 10:56 AM
I think it's quite possible to make UT2004's voting system disable a map for a certain length of time after it's been played so that there is a good rotation. That's up to the individual server admin to configure though, as it is with any gametype.

5th Jun 2004, 10:51 PM
The server could be switched to elimination mode for mapvote, the mapvote included in 2k4 done by the same person (BDB I think) and it has all those features

6th Jun 2004, 07:30 AM
Too bad, the title doesn't match the vote. That's why I didn't vote earlier.
If you ask me what flavours of JailBreak I will be playing, I say JBIII and JB2004.
If you ask me what the Sunday Lockdown should be, I definitely say JBIII.

6th Jun 2004, 11:30 AM
i love the original jailbreak the most, so i voted for that one. what are you going to do with people who don't have ut2004 or have an old pc. THINK ABOUT THEM WHAT WILL THEY DO IF THEY CAN'T PLAY A SUNDAY LOCKDOWN ANYMORE, the results will be disatrous. :(

orignal jailbreak forever

6th Jun 2004, 11:31 AM
Whoever decided we'd be playing Jailbreak III on Sunday Lockdowns from now on -- I suppose I won't be participating (which is a shame given that now I'd have both time and inclination to after the release of Jailbreak 200x) -- in order to have enough free harddisk space to pack the Jailbreak 200x installers, I had to burn my entire Unreal Tournament installation on DVD and remove it from my harddisk.

So I guess I'll be playing on the Jailbreak 2004 server tonight for a bit. Whoever feels like joining me there, you're welcome. :)