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23rd May 2004, 10:55 PM
I noticed this over at ProU, and I don't see why we can't give them a go - they're open tests anyway. I've given them a run and hell, they're pretty farken good. Tydal has a few smesh problems (some of the trim seems to be at different levels), but I'm pretty sure they've been fixed. TensileSteel on the other hand suffers from no health bases... and most of you know how much I hate that. The layout on the other hand is great, nice and large too.

I'm gonna start playing these and get some comments in this thread soon, lets help these guys out and get some comments happening. And just remember, this has to be done sorta quick, as the pack's being released next Thursday.

DM-CBP2-Tydal (TDM for sure)

Hey guys, I'm Rich Black, one of the mappers from the CBP2 team. I saw a thread or two about CBP2 maps but I figured I'd create a new thread because this isn't about the merits or demerits of the Vol. 1 maps; it's about helping get the vol. 2 maps as good as they can be.

So I want to lay down the gauntlet: help us test item placements and gameplay. I admit I'm a crap player and know little about item placements, but I've been going over stuff in detail with several good players, all who've been giving good suggestions. NosNos, who hangs around here, has been really helpful in this regard.

We don't have time to change layouts or whatever, those will have to be left alone. But we do have time to do item placements differently, and I for one want to make sure we do it right.

I don't normally do public betas, ever actually, but here is a link to my offering in CBP2 Vol. 2 just because I value your opinions. If you have feedback and stuff on the general layout and design of my level, that's fair enough, but I probably won't have time to change it. You're just gonna have to accept that we're at the point where that is complete

DM-CBP2-Tydal; it's a largish DM/TDM level that can fit 4v4 TDM matches in pretty well, also stretching up for bigger DM matches. I would really really appreciate feedback on item placement. I saw a lot of dissapointment at the CBP2 Vol. 1 maps in this regard; here's your chance, as the ProUnreal community, to make a difference.



Download: www.heisher.net/temp/dm-tydalbeta2.zip


Well I'm following in Heishers footsteps here after he put his map DM-Tydal up here for playtesting from the people who play maps seriously

I doubt I will win any points in the playability department on this map as it's more of a showpeice creation I suppose so I apologise in advance for this

I don't play Unreal2004 very seriously and this may show in the design of the map and I too struggle with things like item placement etc

I believe there is an art to this and take your observations seriously in an attempt to make this map just that little bit better

I'm aware of framerate problems but it's just too late in the day to be thinking about chopping out large chunks of the map because I release this thing on Thursday 27th May for Volume 2 of the CBP2 pack

I'll understand if you frown upon this map from a gameplay point of view but I am interested if there is anything from this map I can learn from.



Download: http://homepage.ntlworld.com/colin.murphy5/DM-CBP2-TensileSteel.zip

24th May 2004, 12:54 AM

24th May 2004, 08:22 AM
you might want to post a link to the thread as well cuz comments have been made and the mappers made some more posts saying what they would change, what they wouldnt.. etc etc.. i tried both of them, and they are pretty cool. tensile steel has kind of bad framerates and the layout is kind of odd.. i dont think it would be used in competitive play, but its still pretty cool.