View Full Version : continueos wave inv

20th May 2004, 08:30 AM
jus a lil idea, in invasion 1 thing that annoys me is at the end of a wave when ure searching the map 4 the last lil bug thats hiding sumwhere, it kills the pace, would it be possible to make it so the waves jus continue on and on, for every monster u kill anouther one spwans until the match is over, this would mean a very fast paced game! dead player spawns could be done over every few mins, or when X amount of monsters/accumulated score is achielved,

also, hows about a weapon that functions like the scorpion main weapon? :D would certainly be of use in manta filled ONS maps!

20th May 2004, 09:58 AM
Well,I think that there could be an option, where you can set the 'between wave time' and 'warm up time'.