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13th May 2004, 08:46 PM
Sorry I didn't comment on the closed beta. But a lot has been cleaned up since the 2003 version so maybe it's better this way.

In general the shot system seems to be well in place. Great job guys!

My suggestions:

Shots don't go nearly as far as advertised. A driver claims to go 273 at max power but I've never shot the ball farther than 240 off the tee. If I didn't know my clubs better (too much Golden Tee) I would use the "suggested" clubs and shoot much worse. My observations:
- The driver lists 273 but goes about 240. I would up the power so it drives 270 AT A MINIMUM and adjust the auto-select accordingly.
- 3 Wood lists 247 but shoots maybe 210-200. I'd like to see it shoot at listed distance.
- 5 Wood lists 220 but shoots closer to 200. I'd like to see it shoot at listed distance.
- 3 Iron lists 206 but shoots 180ish. I'd like to see it shoot at listed distance.
- 4 Iron lists 194 but shoots around 160. I'd like to see it shoot around 180.
- 5 Iron lists 181 but shouts around 150. I'd like to see it shoot around 170.
- 6 Iron lists 167 but shoots 140. I'd like to see it shoot around 160.
- 7 Iron lists 153 but shoots 130-135. I'd like to see it shoot at listed distance.
- 8 Iron lists 141 but shoots 125-130. I'd like to see it shoot at listed distance.
- 9 Iron is good right where it is.
- The pitch wedge lists 129ish but only shoots about 80-90 yards. The power is perfect, fix the listing and autoselect.
- The sand wedge lists 102 but shoots 75-80 yards. I'd like to see this pared down to about 60-70 yards.
- The putter uses a full swing anywhere but on the green. I would like the option of putting from the fringe. I recommend making the putter use the putting shot method anywhere on the course.

This may have been a test course, I'm not sure, but a lot of the holes are way too easy. I average about -8 for the 9 holes, I can get -10 if I actually try. Your par 5 holes are 356 and 411, a good par 5 should be 500 yards long, unless you have a wicked dogleg. If each of those holes were 100 yards longer you'd be about right.

The first hole is impossible to make the green in 2, for two reasons: a). the driver only drives about 240 yards, and b). the huge downward slope off the tee, combined with the huge upward slope on the back side of the fairway makes it impossible for a low angle club to get up the hill. Tone it down, or stretch it out and make it a par 5 hole.

You already know you can fall out of world on hole 6.

Putter chooses a random direction unless you stretch your aimer out towards the hole. Not a huge problem if you understand how the controls work.

Bug: my ball got "stuck" on one green and would not putt. I'll get you a screenie of the location.

Some things that would add variety to the game: backspin, and draw / fade on the ball (allowing it to hook right or left in flight).

I don't know if the hole is one huge static mesh or a combination of many, but they all have the same friction surface. Rough and sand surfaces should behave differently than fairways and greens.

An overview of the hole would be nice. Maybe a 3d HUD map in one corner with pin location and green slope (of course all your greens are flat at the moment).

:edit: Something else: no matter where you aim the ball, the golfer stands in the exact same place facing the exact same direction, and then when you actually hit the ball, it shoots off in the direction you were aiming, not the direction you're facing. It's a little disconcerting. Can we maybe rotate the golfer? Also, the default position on Hole 1 is facing way left of the fairway.

:edit: The golfer's hands are at a very odd angle. I know that they don't hold their club like a baseball bat, but the wrists are turned down unnaturally far.

:edit: Would it be possible to remove the flag when you hit the green? Not only would that make it more "realistic" but the ball tends to behave erratically around the pin. Sometimes it spins in place for a few seconds, or even pops straight up out of the hole and pops back in, etc.

:edit: also, the putter doesn't line up with the ball. It sort of rests ON TOP OF the ball. This is strictly visual, and does not affect gameplay.

That's all I have for now. I know it sounds like a lot, but they're mostly tweaks and fixes to a very good foundation. I am very happy with your work so far and I hope you continue to improve this mod. I can't wait to play the final!

3rd Jun 2004, 09:06 PM
I take back what I said about surface friction, the rough and sand have in fact been acting differently. The jerkation when the ball hits is noticeable, tho (and quite well-known to you, I'm sure).

3rd Jun 2004, 09:40 PM
This has all been reworked. It's MUCH improved.

BTW, thanks for all the feedback!

3rd Jun 2004, 10:59 PM
well I should have been on it sooner, when you sent it to me closed-beta. Just tryin to still be some help ;)