View Full Version : Need Help W/Deinonychus & disintigration skeleton model

12th May 2004, 01:22 AM
I'm a hair's breadth away from importing a skeleton file for the Deinonychus
model. It will be used in 'disintigrations' like the alt-link gun fire and
let him turn into a bony skeleton.
I modelled and linked it to the same skeleton the full model uses in 3D MAX
with physique, and assigned all the vertices properly with non-rigid single
link assignments blah blah blah.

I used actorX to export the model to .psk format, then imported the
raptorskeleton to UED by opening the raptor full model, copying the
properties, importing the skeleton mesh, pasting the mesh properties into
the skeleton file and linking the skeleton to the raptor animations.

It mostly worked well, but there's one thing that isn't working, and I can't
call it perfect until its resolved.

All the regular biped bones have their anims. But the extended bones, which
control the gun housing, the tail and the jaw, are NOT working. Displaying
the bones in UED shows that the anims that ARE on the extra bones for the
full mesh are NOT there on the skeleton's mesh.

Did I do something wrong here? If you have any ideas how to fix this, I'm
all ears. I double checkd the BIPED, and it does not have the "triangle
pelvis" so that isn't the issue. I've tried exporting/importing it several
times with the same result.

If anyone has experience making custom skeletons work for custom player
models, any advice is appreciated...

Thanks in advance,

Edit: I just tested out the non-perfect skeleton in game and it makes the
game crash to desktop when the skeleton is supposed to activate - it appears
for an instant, then the game collapses. I get this LOG error message:
Log: (Karma): Not All Physics Parts Have Graphics Bones!
Log: (Karma): Not All Physics Joints Have Graphics Bones!
Critical: KBodyGetActor
Critical: BodyGetDoubleRate
Critical: KBuildPartitions
Critical: KWorldStepSafeTime
Critical: KTickLevelKarma
Critical: TickAllActors
Critical: ULevel::Tick
Critical: (NetMode=0)
Critical: TickLevel
Critical: UGameEngine::Tick
Critical: Level Albatross
Critical: UpdateWorld
Critical: MainLoop

Is something going wrong with the karma as well? I thought with the skeleton
package in the same package as the raptor full mesh, and linked to the same
animations, that it would use the karma file properly too. Do I need to do
something else to get it to work? The crash seems to be a ragdoll thing. How
do I point the skeleton to the raptor's karma file?