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5th May 2004, 11:44 PM
did someone even bother to beta test it?

6th May 2004, 12:20 AM
Way to be constructive? D:

6th May 2004, 12:54 AM
is it really that bad?

6th May 2004, 01:13 AM

Have you played it?

Hard to find weapons....a map the size of deck 16...stairs that wont let you go up them...only walk through them.

the game play forces you to go up and there is no reason to go anywhere else.

6th May 2004, 02:03 AM
Here's another take on it: http://nalicity.beyondunreal.com/index.php

Saturday, November 29th, 2003

CBP2003 at 04:46 EST by Twrecks Miscellaneous

Community Bonus Pack 2003 map number 11:

DM action in a rich emperor's arena built for training Egypt's warriors
Gazing up into the sky from inside the map we see familiar old blue looking down on us, plus a bunch of architecture which is only there for your viewing pleasure. This must have been one very rich Emperor to have built this arena in Earth's orbit. Apparently Egypt will come into its own in the future controlling vast fortunes and perpetrating ostentatious displays of wealth. The arena we are graced with makes use of many iconic decorations from Egypt's B.C. past. Gaudy lighting is complimentary from the Epic Anubis extending to the Barrens and BP_egyptnew period with a few torches thrown in for additional color and a reminder of our dependancy on fossil fuels.

Where DM-Emperor shines is the playing field we are presented with. A few years back I would have never thought such scenery inside a game was possible. This map is heavy on mesh, most of the theme is conveyed through its use. But unlike other Egyptian maps, this one feels alive. I account this to the organic use of folliage and a nice custom palm tree mesh combo. Another factor is everything is "turned on", from the effervescent jump pads to the runway lights on the approach to the U-Damage. We are not greated with ruins, but a place that runs, and doesn't stop. Or perhaps it's the disco lighting and techno beat ogg.

The best way to get a feel for the build of DM-Emperor was to turn off all those swank meshes in Ued and look at the brush bones. Immediately the two terrain actors popped into view. This is a good optimizing technique that is often missed. Individual terrains for independant viewable areas keeps the hurt off your rig. Being a BSP core map, Zoning is fairly complete, including tags. Though I had expected the flak room with its oval moon roof to be portalled from the main room where Anubis sits. No where did I find any Anti-portals, with all the poly pounding meshes it was a suprise to see this map rely solely on Zoning for occlusion.

Because of the scale, this map can carry a 16 player load fairly well, and has the PlayerStarts to prove it. The suggested player count is 2-4, at that number you'd be lucky to find someone to shoot. Ample item placement is spread out logically with enough matching health, other pick ups may require special moves to aquire. The layout feels room-corridor-room until you walk the upper path from the U-Damage to the Kegger, then you are given back that arena feeling. No higher AI other than the the JumpPads and JumpSpots made their way into the pathing, which suits this deathmatch map fine. One grievance I have is flow is regularly inhibitted by snagging geometry, BSP, mesh and terrain. Some blocking volumes were included for less obtrusive objects, even more could have been added circumnavigating the interferances and further optimizing collisions. In summary, DM-Emperor is a conglomeration of Egyptian artifacts, new and used. While lacking a sense of place (built as an arena doesn't cut it) the theme is undeniable, as will the frame rate drop when loaded up with 16 players, so you might want to adhere to the recommended 2-4 for now. This map is intended for good ol'fashion deathmatch fun. If you have the power to make a map like this, you certainly will have the power to play it.

6th May 2004, 03:25 AM
Emperor's a lot better than some of the CBP maps *cough*Downgrave*cough*

7th May 2004, 12:00 AM
Let me get this straight....
Everyone is ok with stair ways that cannot be walked on?

...cause it pretty much made it hard to play...most people just left the server that once had 22 people on.