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1st May 2004, 11:00 PM
I'm trying to make an Onlsught map but I can't get the power nodes to show up during the game. Also I can't link up the power nodes the the control points. I haven't found a turrial on it yet, can anyone help me?

2nd May 2004, 02:35 PM
Make sure you set the default gametype of the map to Onslaught. That setting is in the level properties.

3rd May 2004, 06:48 PM
Ahhh did you try using the link setup while running the map then exporting it to UED?
It's really easier than it sounds.
Once you have a game started either as a spectator or a player, hit escape, then hit the map tab. Then you will see in the bottom right corner a button called link designer... clicky
Now you will see representations of your nodes and cores
Click on a core and it will get bracketed indicating that it is the active selection Now click on a node that you want to link to the core. BAM!!
Now there's a line!
Now click that node to bracket it, then click the node you want to link it too. etc....
When you have it linked up the way you want, at the bottom is a button called export link setup to UED (or something so close you will recognize it)
click that.
That exports the link setup info to your windows clipboard, so don't copy any text or anything after exporting.
Quit 2k4 and in your map in the editor, right click choose edit>paste>here
and you will get the griffin's head actor icon. That is your onsofficialnodelinksetup.. or whatever it's called
It will be named default by default Whcih is fine
If you eant to add additional link setups, go back into game use the link designer then export again
Open your map again and edit>paste>here only now open that new actor's properties and in the relevant tree (can't remember name doing this from memory) expand it and enter the new link setup's name in the ... NAME field... :D

I forgot to pimp AngelMapper's tut site:
That's the ons tut