View Full Version : FHINV - heres a map for ya's

1st May 2004, 07:05 PM
heres a map i whiped together but its really fun. All bots work and they seem to love it. so here it is(i included a dm version cause i was gonna post it on a map site(it also says dm cause i was gonna post on site) ).

3rd May 2004, 01:58 PM
Cool map, but it's a bit laggy. Perhaps if you put antiportals in the rock static meshes (I haven't checked, but there don't seem to be any), it would run a lot faster. Cool map though. :) (And yes, we'll include it)

4th May 2004, 12:11 PM
Yup, i have checked and there are no antiportals present in this map. Talking about antiportals.. 'MegaRigs' doesnt seems to have them either.
I figured that 'Non-Solid' brushes are put in place.. It could be that the author has made 'Non-Solid' brushes with 'AntiPortal' checked on via 'Add Special Brush', but that still makes it 'Non-Solid' brushes and not an antiportal. The brushes just sits there with no function at all.
I did a actor search on both maps.. - No antiportals.
It lags as hell when there is alot of action going on near the monster spawnpoints. Since these 2 maps are huge, both will need antiportals to improve performance.
Oh.. on MegaRigs, there is a blocking volume on the rock were the redeemer is located at...this blocking volume is imho a lil to big. Most of the time you have to throw your translocator more than once to get onto the top as its being blocked. And when hiding behind the rock and sec.fire the deemer it often results in an explosion in front of you and if your low on health.. your dead. Just because the big blocking volume This is quite annoying and happend to me twice. Reducing the size would solve the annoying thing.

To come back on Claustaphobic.. the default gametype is set on 'BonusPack.xLastManStandingGame' which actually should read 'FHI.FHI'
I suggest to fix these things before re-release if not done already.
Just a thing or 3 i noticed.. :)
If im wrong on something, please correct me ;)

Oh btw: i have my map done soon!