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4th Mar 2000, 03:28 AM
I made a new weapons model for unreal tournament. I saved the object as a 3ds file. I run the converter and it seems to run without any error messages. Then I open the unreal editor and go to classes. I hit load and find my UC file. I try to load it but I get this error message
General protection fault!

History: SaveStream ,- UStruct:: Serialize TaggedProperties , -(bStatic[0]) <- UClass;;Serialize <-(Class offworld.hktest01) ,-FTransaction::SerializeContents <-FObjectRecord;;FObjectRecord <-(Class offworld.hktest01 <- UEditorEngine;;Exec <-(Script Make) <-WM_USER_EXEC <-VbWindowProc <- MessagePump <- Mainloop

Please help me out.

4th Mar 2000, 07:35 PM
You would probably get a better chance if you posted in the Editing forum for this one...

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