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24th Apr 2004, 06:41 AM
If the monsters can drive with vehicles then the game can be much cooler. The monsters cannot enter your vehicles, but they can enter the vehicles for them(which you cannot enter). These monsterveicles are smaller than ordinally ones and have normal health. Only skaarjs, brutes and kralls could enter the vehicles. Once the vehicle is destroyed, the monsters jump out of it.
Making monstervehicles may cause some problems because unreal monsters don't have inside the car animation. Instead of this, monstervehicles have orange colored triangles on them to see, how many monsters are inside the vehicle.

Other notice is that you could edit from monster spawnponts that is that for only for air monsters or only ground monsters or both. And AVRIL rockets would lock on flying monsters.

What do you think?

26th Apr 2004, 12:24 PM
Hmm, I dunno, sounds like a cool idea, not sure how I'd pull it off though. :)

I'll see what I can do, because we have a FHIX pack coming up.

3rd May 2004, 03:33 PM
...just what I need. Hundreds of those tiny annoying spider things in a leviathan, screaming for my blood. o__o'

....Seriously though. This is a good idea.

22nd May 2004, 08:31 PM
You could skin some of the Skaarj or Gen Mokai player models to look like, monstery monsters and bung them on the invasions team and only those guys, (To whom already have apropriate animations!) can drive vehicles, and mostly, they'd just drive the vehicles that were dumped by players/bots in teh battle ground, Car jackers! It'd be a nice suprise! :)

10th Jul 2004, 12:23 PM
The way this idea should work...

The vehicles do not spawn in FHIMonsterSpawnPoints. Instead they spawn in FHIMonsterVehicleSpawnPoints. If vehicle is destroyed, points are given to all who helped to destroy it. Some options what this actor should have...
VehicleType...you can set the monster vehicle what spawns here in that spawnpoint.
WaveNum which divides into 16 subcatergories where you can set the waves when this actor spawns vehicles. (because the monster leviathan isn't right in the 1st wave
MonsterSkill which divides into 8 subcatergories where you can set the difficultly when these vehicles are spawning(like some vehicles spawn only in higher difficult settings)
IntialDelay(min or max) where you can set the seconds of the first spawning of the vehicle after the wave starts
RespawnDelay(min and max) where you can set the time when the vehicle respawns after it's destroyed.
SeatsFilled(min and max) where you set that how many seats in the vehicle are filled with monsters.
MonsterPopout (the add menu, can add random quantity of diffrent creatures) you can add here monsters which jump out of the vehicle after it's destroyed.
MonsterHealthLoss (min and max,in %'s) where you can set that how many health the monsters lose when they jump out out of the vehicle.

Those vehicles can move with FHIMonsterVehiclePathNodes, FHIMonsterVehicleAirPathNodes and FHIMonsterVehicleHoverPathNodes.

Some changes the monster vehicles should have...

MonsterMantas(400 health,5 points when destroyed) make only average amount of damage when crushing(50 per second) the projeciles are unchanged
MonsterScorpions(600 health,6 points when destroyed) make average amount of damage, too when crushing (60 per second). The projectiles are unchanged.
MonsterHellbender(900 health,8 points when destroyed) make larger than average damage when crushing (80 per second) It's rear turret makes 100 damage when compleatly charged.
MonsterGoliath(1000 health,12 points when destroyed) makes the crushing damage which is as normal goliath. Primary shell moves 25% slower makes 100 damage when hit directly.
MonsterLeviathan(7000 health,25 points when destroyed) makes crushing damage as normal leviathan. The main gun is deployed when it has lost about half of it's health and does 200 damage with direct hit.
MonsterRaptor(400 health,6 points when destroyed) is unchanged.

Maybe you should change vehicle's projectile colors to make them prettier

Among with monster vehicles, you should have something to defend yourself. I came up with the AVRiL turret which shoots anti-vehicular rockets with twice and half times as fast as usual AVRil.

Now I came out of the boss idea...

Skaarj leviathan and its crew
The level should be large with many obstacles which should give some cover.
After the waves are over the 'boss' spawns. It's the leviathan with 20 000 health(150 points when destroyed). Ths leviathan is green colored and sightly larger than ordinally leviathan. It starts shooting you with rockets and 4 corner turrets make the thing much harder. After the leviathan's health has drop down to 10 000, it will stop and starts shooting you with the main gun while you must be still warned with corner turrets. You must use the obstacles to get cover. And after the leviathan is destroyed, 5 skaarj's(25 points when destroyed) will jump out. These skaarjs are much bigger and stronger than ordinary ones and have 2000 health for each skaarj. You must kill them all to win the match.

Well how do you like it? :D