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21st Apr 2004, 11:41 PM

Screenshots: http://osx.beyondunreal.com/eko/2K4/ctfmythos.html
Download: http://www.unrealplayground.com/mapper.php?id=1960
UT Portfolio: http://osx.beyondunreal.com/eko/

K-Lined and Bolt are on deck...

Mythos is still one of my fav maps to play, this is its fourth incarnation, dating it back all the way to UT99 (or are we calling it UT Classic now?). The bots are damn good on Adept or Higher if you need some offline fraggin. Online this map is sheer adrenaline excitement (no pun intended). :p

22nd Apr 2004, 12:24 AM
Oh man... I've played this one a lot! Any improvements to it or any notable changes?

all the way to UT99 (or are we calling it UT Classic now?).
I'm stubbornly sticking to UT. :)

22nd Apr 2004, 02:03 AM
This map, along with the lovely antitcc lag has contributed a lot to
my online 'fell the his death' stats hehe, still I like it because people will
toss thier xlocs all the way over so I can do some skeet shooting :p

22nd Apr 2004, 12:43 PM
Any improvements to it or any notable changes?

Only subtle things, which I hope, make it an even better map. Some are purely aesthetic, others were gameplay oriented.

-New flagbase meshes for the pedestal. These provide a bit more of a hump that flag carriers and defenders will have to negotiate. Slightly improves the tenacity of the situation in the base, and makes the bases look better.
-New meshes for all the columns. This is strictly aesthetic.
-Other meshes here and there to improve the look a bit. Aesthetic.
-New arched entry meshes in the central area for the ramps. This is mostly aesthetic, but it does provide a teeny bit more cover for a flag carrier as they enter the middle section.
-Lighting increased slightly. A tad brighter now... very little.
-Weapon placement slightly altered and modified. LG has been replaced with a Classic UT Sniper Rifle, and I've added a minigun to the map. There are now two rocket launchers, one on each side of the obelisk, to keep the map symmetrical as far as placement advantages go. The mini and goo are right in the middle now, with the ammo for them on the side platforms.
-Removed the poweramp from the center. Adrenalin moves in UT2Kn provide enough of a boost already. (Even though I will NEVER add adrenalin pills to any of my maps!) I felt the amp became redundant.
-Bot paths have been slightly tweaked due to them being much smarter in UT2K4. They now use the jumpads like they are supposed to and go for the ion consistently (and use it quite well too... i've gotten hammered with it while pursuing a flag carrier a few times - Steven Polge is a genius). The base scripted sequences have been redone to allow for a more natural placement of bot defenders and variety. Assault path priorities have been slightly altered for more natural human-like selection.

I think that covers it. I look at it this way. Same car body, rebuilt transmission and new paint job. :-)

22nd Apr 2004, 02:32 PM
:tup: Sounds great. I really love this map.

13th Nov 2012, 08:49 PM
I like the skybox (huge planet, other planet, stars), long runs (good for space CTF), columns, arches, textures/meshes, weapon placement and flames. Unfortunately, this map is hitscan hell with very good bots and makes for no fun. No one can CTF and it just ends up being 0-0 forever and the bots also nail you while going off the jumppads and throw you into space. Then there’s the falling thing, which I actually avoided better than I thought I would. This one is probably better online.








EDIT: just wanted to let people know the versions I know of for this map.
For UT: CTF-Mythos and CTF-MythosSE (not sure of authors, but it seems both are by eko)
For UT2003: CTF-Mythos-2k3 (by eko)
For UT2004: CTF-Mythos-SE3 (this one by eko) and CTF-Mythos-Classic (by eko as well)
For UT3: CTF-Mythos (by poppersia)