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17th Apr 2004, 09:14 PM
Plz NOTE: this isn't a level or it might not even be in SA 1.0 If it is used it's probably in episode II.

This is not FINAL, just something i decide to write to show what we would be aiming for. If only we had a modeller to do some of those security probes :eek:

I'm also considering starting on checking out the new engines, I feel a bit forced to go Next-Gen. It's just too empty on the UT side of things.
We're not quiting this version, but it's getting pretty evident that if we release a mod for UT that we're kind of way outdated compared to all the other mods around.
I'll look into Unreal2 and UT2003 (and UT2004 once i get my hands on it), but dont worry WE ARE sticking to UT meanwhile!!


<Accessing Liandri Archive Files - Secret recording, board meeting recorded at 02:31>

A message appears on the screen:
<Please insert a level 6 decoding key in Nano Slot 3…>

Thankfully I managed to acquire one, it took me a while and plenty of convincing.
I looked around. The electronic door lock was destroyed, that would most likely keep any unwanted visitors out for me to find what I needed. I had left the main lights off and only used the small desk lamp. The monitor radiated a peaceful glow around the archive’s mainframe.
I carefully inserted the key and prayed it would work

<Key accepted, full access granted>

The recording showed the ‘L’ shaped Liandri table. Only very few people had actually caught a glimp of the famous meeting room.
There were 3 top figures at the meeting. It seemed like the recording started in the middle of the meeting.
“Please, reconsider. The tournament is still a very profitable side-organization, we can’t just…”
The man who spoke seemed like the holo tournament organizer.
“Yes we can! The people are getting tired of it and since last summers incident we can’t afford it anymore. There are riots all over the place. Have the champions send to the military department and send the other contestants to one of our mining moons.” The man had quickly interrupted the organizer. He wore a blue suit and had several distinguishing military ranks.
The organizer sat down slowly.
“The tournament was a good idea, but people are rioting against us now. The dangers are too big. We can’t have any more victims to the tournament.”
I had heared about that accident. The reigning champions all had heart attacks and most contestants became holo addicted quickly. The deathcount still rises daily, but Liandri have kept it pretty quiet. Now liandri is forced to spend more and more on their military operations. In these times where Tarydium is scarce, Liandri is having to fight for their reputation. Their once so dominant organization is crumbling under their feet.
I skipped the recording ahead a bit and after a while I found something interesting.
“… Ok, next item is the spy department. We want to keep tabs on them and if anyone in the unit betrays us, we need to immediately wipe the unit out with our cleaning team. We can’t tolerate that the slightest bit. These trained guys are too dangerous if they can be used against us. We had to eliminate one of our very own top units today. They found out too much. An investigation is already on the way to see if any other leaks need to be sealed once and for all.”
Ha, they apparently didn’t know I survived their attempt to kill me. Now I’m eager to seek vengeance for my unit, they should’ve known I’m not to be messed with.

The lights flashed on and I noticed the distinct sound of security probes. I had to get out of here and quick!

18th Apr 2004, 01:26 PM
Thats a nice story, but I don't understand why the contestants became holo addicted. I thought they just fight in matches display in holograms for the people to watch; they don't exactly go around fighting holograms.

18th Apr 2004, 02:28 PM
I have did quite a bit of research, it's an interpetation from Unreal 2. Where you have yourself fighting a hologram in the tutorial part. The contestants would be in tubes and fighting eachother as holograms. I don't think Liandri lets em out of those a lot. Training, Training and then a Match.

I mean why else would respawning be there? :D
I wouldn't see a gibbed person be reparticled into a living being without the matches being fake. Of course it looks all real.
We are just changing the UT (a bit non-existent) story around a bit.

IMO i'm tired of Na pali :P

18th Apr 2004, 08:17 PM
I always thought that they are not figthing in some VR but in reality. They can still respawn and stuff all right, I mean they have translocators in UT. All they need is to have a computer chip in the brain that records all memory and experience so that when a contestant actually die, an outside source can "respawn" that person using translocation technology and then use the information from the computer chip in a contestant and make sure that person comes back with all the previous senses.

18th Apr 2004, 09:27 PM
Ok i see your point, we've got 2 ways to see it then. Since i do like to keep some kind of idea about a negative effect to the tournament in it, here's the two possible ways to do it. If you'd like to see it done otherwise, i'm sure we can discuss that way as well

1# Stick with the holo tournaments
2# The translocation technology isn't extremely stable. I think i recall something about that somewhere (might be something i read in ut2004 translocation description). It should be a limited technology anyway. Nature wouldn't allow you to reconstruct people like that in my opinion. Unless it uses some sort of dimensional travel, but i don't want to go too much towards star trek. It probably causes side effects if prolonged translocation is used.

20th Apr 2004, 05:44 AM
Good stuff. Keep working on that story!

21st Apr 2004, 05:05 AM
I will most definitly! How is the status on your music? Still going strong? I'm still keeping in touch closely. Free music = good music!

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