View Full Version : Anims, working in UnrealEd but not the game - HELP!!

17th Apr 2004, 05:16 PM
Ive made a model of optimus prime but im having serious problems assigning animations to the model.

I started off using the skeleton/anims of BotA but in UnrealEd the model wouldnt display, so i changed the skeleton/anims to MaleJuggA. In UnrealEd the model displays fine and all the anims work fine. I saved the file but when i go to select him, he displays with the default stance and has no animation, in-game he's the same...just standing there in the default pose sliding around the map not moving...what the hell is going on? All my other models work fine and im using exactly the same method ive used for them.

Ive spent ages on this model so can anyone help me?