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17th Apr 2004, 04:14 PM

To any Matrix fans out there, and to any else reading this post:

Ive recently put one of my first maps online called DM-TheConstruct. Im working on a sequel called DM-TheConstructRebooted which will be more accurate to the Matrix trilogy and contain several more scenes.

As Im really new to creating maps I would appreciate any Matrix fans, or otherwise, either downloading my level and giving me feedback; or letting me know what they'd like to see in a Matrix based level so that I can improve the sequel as much as possible.


Id really appreciate anyones help as I wanna get it right.
Many thanks, G.

17th Apr 2004, 09:36 PM
I can tell right now that you need a lot of work with texturing and creating objects. For example, those chairs look far too boxy, and not plush at all, as seen in the movies. Also, they are not very accurate reprisentations of The Matrix. Check out a Half-Life mod "The Specialists" (www.specialistsmod.net) for, so far, the greatest Lobby scene map ever created, as well as a VERY accurate cheateau.
Good luck in your future endeavors in mapping, and hey, maybe if you get good enough, and Epic releases an official tut on ASSAULT maps, you could make a sort of Looby scene like "Rebels must gain control of lobby elevator, make way to roof, and escape on helicoptor" or something like that.

23rd Apr 2004, 09:29 AM
Now that is one hell of an idea! Of course you'd need the weapons to finish it all off, for that you'd have to make a complete mod, and by the time that's all done, you just as well could have played Enter the Matrix.
Okay, now, the map....
Yes.... OK, low on detail, but I believe that's not the issue here.
Look, when I think of that city, I think of this huge metropolis. Skyscrapers everywhere, building going as far as the horizon. You might want to separate a few of the areas and increase those in size. I believe the court with the bench is way more large in Reloaded.
Then, perhaps use separate hallways, cause I played with bots for a while, and all the fight I had were in those hallways (I forgot what they're called, with all the teleports).
Quite frankly, accept for the outside area, there is no large space for a good fight. Well, I could go on like this for quite some time, but I guess this would be enough for now...
I'll check back later