View Full Version : Vacancies on The Third Reich team

16th Apr 2004, 02:41 PM
The Third Reich (http://www.thethirdreich.com/forum/portal.php) is a World War 2 infantry combat total conversion for UT2004.

The team has some vacancies in all departments. The project is in the latter stages of development and extra staff is needed to ensure a release is not delayed. If you fit any of the profiles below and would like to join our team, or want more information, e-mail Stryker@thethirdreich.com and remember to include any samples you have.

All applicants are expected to be dedicated, skilled, and willing to put lots of effort into the project.

Mapper - You will be creating believable locations, preferably based on reference material, following a campaign roadplan.

Skinner - You will be skinning weapon models based on reference material to create a realistic looking skin.

Player/Weapon Animator - You will be working on our player or weapon models to create true-to-life animation.

Coder - You will be working alongside our lead coder to help with various areas of coding. You will need experience with UnrealScripting for UT2003/2004.

Last but not least, here's a picture of the STUG III tank firing a tank shell. [ Link (http://www.thethirdreich.com/forum/album_pic.php?pic_id=67) ]