View Full Version : GeForce w/ compressed Textures?

29th Nov 1999, 07:11 PM
I was wondering if the new GeForce Cards will be able to use the S3TC compressed textures. In the specs it has its own texture compression stuff, but will it support the ones on UT? Anybody Know?

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29th Nov 1999, 07:17 PM
It seems that UT only supports compressed textures with a S3 Savage4 or the older Savage3 cards using the S3 MetalDriver in UT.

But if someone knows a possibility to enable compressed textures with D3D please post it.

29th Nov 1999, 07:50 PM
If I'm not completely wrong i think UT supports texture compression on the Gforce via the DXT1 compression built into DX7's Direct 3D interface... not sure though. Give it a try and install the compressed textures... u surely WILL see if the gforce makes use of them or not /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

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29th Nov 1999, 09:34 PM
Saw on Voodoo Extreme that Tim S. commented on this.

Supposedly they had trouble implementing compressed textures in D3D (DXTC), so GeForce will not be able to use the compressed textures.

I am hoping that they see the value in this and work and try a little harder to get this feature working for GeForce cards

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29th Nov 1999, 10:18 PM
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29th Nov 1999, 11:49 PM
I gave the Hi-res textures a try on my GeForce. It seemed to make the levels take longer to load as the beginning of each match lags quite a bit until everything gets loaded. Don't see any difference in quality though so it may be that the hi-res textures don't truly work for the GeForce.

1st Mar 2000, 04:39 AM
Must set the high detail texture in ut.ini to true. Find it under d3ddrv.. Then you see a huge difference.