View Full Version : CTF-FreightCraft (UT) Help Request - Slowdown

10th Apr 2004, 02:23 PM
I finished the base for one of my CTF maps, and decided to Copy-Paste-Rotate to create the other base. However, when I did that and rebuilt, the performance of the map was incredibly slow. Does anyone have any ideas why that would happen? (It was a lot faster (like 10x about) with only one base).

There is a center area where the two bases connect- but even if I totally delete that (so the bases are separated by lots of unconnected space), it is still slow in each. I just don't understand it.

If anyone can help, I would really appreciate it.

http://s95030374.onlinehome.us/utmaps/CTF-FreightCraft16.unr (Map)
http://s95030374.onlinehome.us/utmaps/Moroset.umx (Music)


Edit: Well, I've solved the slowdown problem for the most part. Part of it were movers (a rotating cylinder and crusher that were on all the time), which apparently slows it down quite a bit. Then, I redid the central area to reduce the number of zones you can see at once, so it's faster now. At some point I'll probably add more finishing touches, pathnode, and release it ;)