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10th Apr 2004, 10:56 AM
Download: http://www.stgstudios.com/team/tsetse/vCTF-AutumnSerenade-beta21.zip

UPDATED Sunday, April 11th - Beta#21

This map has been given a lot of testing thus far, both online and off. I thought it best to post here and try to get more feedback.

I wanted to quickly make a map which really focused on what i imagined for good vCTF. It was based on years of UT and Tribes2 CTF experience, but of course... vCTF in ut2k4 is new. A wonderful challenge :)

I've sought a very careful balance among vehicles and pedestrians on this map, so that pedestrian flag cappers have a viable chance of capping with a little support. It's playing very well online, thus far.

I've included the Translocators in weapons lockers
I have included MrEvil's Jump Boots (5 jumps per pickup)
I have done some custom Out-of-Bounds volumes (damage, sound, warning)
Vehicles Included: raptor, manta, scorpion and hellbender
bot AI is just alright. At masterful they use vehicles ok, but vCTF AI is buggy.
Vehicles cannot park on flags

I'd love any/all constructive feedback. When i finish today's update, i'll upload it to this site as i figure it will be the last beta before I release it.






11th Apr 2004, 03:09 PM
Looks nice, though I can't play it....

11th Apr 2004, 06:08 PM
vCTF is new to me, but the map seems pretty solid, couldn't find anything to complain about :)

11th Apr 2004, 07:13 PM
UPDATED Sunday, April 11th.

Beta 21: Download ZIP Format (http://stg.3dmax.org/team/tsetse/vCTF-AutumnSerenade-beta21.zip) or RAR Format (http://stg.3dmax.org/team/tsetse/vCTF-AutumnSerenade-beta21.rar)

Beta #21 Changes:

Fixed & Upgraded the Jump Boots (thank you Byte)
Added some creatures/monsters (little flying bugs) at the ponds (thank you m00b)
Redid the turrets to be slower but more powerful

This MIGHT be the last beta version. If there are no serious problems i'll just leave it up for a while...