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29th Feb 2000, 05:22 PM

Problem: My very first map is 99% complete. The one remaining thing is that I have a door which I want to be opened and closed by a switch. (i.e. A trigger needs to move it between its keyframes).
My incorrect solution:
Here is what I do. First I make a mover, this mover works when you bump into it. I next goto class-->triggers-->triggers And select a generic trigger.
I place the trigger in the map.
I highlight the mover, select properties-->event--> and give it an event name.
I highlight the trigger, select
properties-->event--> and give it the corresponding tag.
A red line now joins the trigger and the mover.
I then highlight the mover select
Properties-->object-->state(?)--> and change it from bumpopen to triggertoggle.
The mover now doesn't do anything

(I'm doing this from memory, so I can't quite remember all the index names-sorry)

I posted here a week ago and someone suggested I: Highlight mover, select properties-->mover-->bUseTrigger set to TRUE.

I tried this but it STILL won't work.

The odd thing is that I can here the door open and close, but it doesn't actually move!

I've run out of ideas, I can't find a tutorial which covers this, you are my last hope.

Your solution to help me out:

*insert solution* please

Plus if you know how to use music events let me know. I want to have music play when you hit a switch, and then stop when you re-hit it? Is this possible?

I control the vertical and the horizontal.

29th Feb 2000, 06:38 PM
In the Trigger/TriggerType try using 'PlayerProximity'.

Also, did you set up your keyframes properly?

Here is how if you don't already know

Select the purple mover while it is in the intended default position you want. Then set its "mover keyframe" to 1
Then drag the mover to the open position and then change its mover keyframe to 0. You will notice the brush then jumps back to its original position.

Let me know if this works out... if not I help you some more /~unreal/ubb/html/smile.gif

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29th Feb 2000, 09:15 PM
um, i just started mapping , but ill give it a shot. Did you make sure that your actually bumping into your trigger. you may have to go into collision under trigger properties and mess around with those numbers a bit. But the previous post sounded right on. make sure it moves when its in keyframe 1 and back to close when you put it back to base(0). and make sure trigger control is marked in mover prop..
for your other question, you might try using a special events trigger with a corresponding general trigger.
Send me the map if you want if you can't get the mover thing solved, and ill look at it.
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