View Full Version : very basic static mesh question [UT2k4/maya]

4th Apr 2004, 01:35 AM
i can model the mesh fine in maya.. im using maya 5.0 unlimited.. i downloaded the actorX plugin from the epic site.. i dont know if that is what im supposed to use or not. i've watched the VTMs on static meshes.. they didnt help at all cuz they used some different plugin it appeared (it wasnt the MEL script they had coded either.. it was something completely different).

i was wondering if anybody could help.. i just want to import some basic static meshes into unreal ed

4th Apr 2004, 02:50 PM
try out http://home.comcast.net/~coolhead2100/VT_1.rar from my site. Itsa video tutorial on exactly what you need to do.

4th Apr 2004, 02:51 PM
awesome :D thx a lot <3

*edit* since you seem to know what you are doing, i have another quick question. im trying to make a fairly large static mesh (like 1600 by 1600 units). in maya, when i make the grid and everything that large, if i zoom out to see my whole object, there is like a fog distance almost.. and if i get far enough away, my object starts to disappear.. is there a way to increase this fog distance or w/e it is?