View Full Version : infiltrationplayer list

2nd Apr 2004, 03:41 AM
today, we got a new infiltrationplayer-list running at www.infiltrationmod.de
i know, the site is in german, but the most important things are written in english also. to have a look at the player-list you can visit HERE (http://www.infiltrationmod.de/?stand=spielerliste) and to add yourselfe to it, you can register HERE (http://www.infiltrationmod.de/?site=user&sub=registrieren). The formfield needs 1) username 2) email 3+4) password+retype. The text above tells you that the reg is free and you don't describe to sth. blabla (german law **** ;))

After that you will recieve an email with an activation link. Follow that link and you are registered :) Now you can LOGIN with your data (username + pass) at the right menue-side and fill in some data (at least your platoon/clan + homepage + land should be filled in?!).

Would be nice to have a big list with infplayers ;)