View Full Version : ONS-DeathGorge

1st Apr 2004, 10:03 PM
My first map in a loooong time. Not the best but it takes full advantage of a nice open battlefield, plenty of rocks and terrain to navigate at speed and nice jumps. Add in the hidden extras, decent bot pathing and all the weapons of choice and this map is good fun and quite hard. (see if you can find all the sniper spots and hidden redeemers) By the way, dont fall off the cliff into the lava! Its a one way drop! :lol:

Link to map download: http://www.mapraider.com/maps/?fileid=1817

26th Apr 2004, 07:36 PM
This map has a nice look to it, but it needs SERIOUS optimization work. I was in single frames in some spots. You need more occlusion somehow. Lower the distance fog end a bit etc... Make sure you use cull distance on meshes and emitters things like that. Good start though.