View Full Version : Concept - Unreal PacMan

30th Mar 2004, 01:48 PM
Since this is the "concept discussion board" now, here's a game concept that came to my mind when playing a noobish custom map recently that was absolutely stuffed with adrenaline...

Unreal PAC MAN!

Set four high level bots up in a team against the player, name'em Inky, Winky, Pinky and...and... I just can't remember how the fourth ghost was called in PacMan... with everyone at 1 health, shieldguns only and only the player able to pick up adrenaline. Out of boredom I created a custom adrenaline pickup that uses the skyball mesh and the classic *wonka, wonka* PacMan noise as pickup sound, as well as a simple Bot.Controller check so it can not be picked up by artificially controlled players. Pretty sick. Experts, try instagib ;)

30th Mar 2004, 02:35 PM
sounds cool. there was similar back in UT'99 called PacUT, only it didn't have ghosties ;-)

30th Mar 2004, 03:55 PM
of course you gotta include the top-down viewpoint.

maybe spawn adrenaline at all the path nodes, and in straight lines in between the closest two nodes. and each time you collect them all, increase gametime (via slomo).