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29th Mar 2004, 04:50 PM
I've been working with the matinee part of unreal ed and have set up an opening scene for a level designed by a buddy of mine. However, after about 3 seconds the matinee jumps to the player spawn. Instead of going through the motions and looking over the level like it does in the matinee preview, it focuses on the spawn but still goes through the motions. Is there any way to delay the player spawn or is it stuck at the 3 secondish mark? I've checked the tags for all the matinee properties and didn't see anything, is anyone for sure where this is fixed?

30th Apr 2004, 12:14 PM
I got my matinee to work by changing the level properties/default gametype to unrealgame.cinematicgame and changing my first scene name to StartGame (don't know if this is required, but i did it, and the ut intros do it, so, whatever). Now when you start the map it should automatically play the matinee. I also prefixed my map name with MOV-Intro (don't know if this matters either).

30th Apr 2004, 01:08 PM
matinee wasn't really designed to open any gametypes but the cinematicgame, but it can be done, though you have to do some major hoop-through-jumping to start a DM or CTF (or whatever) level with a matinee sequence. i've done it, and should be releasing the map soon for those interested, but for now here's a brief lowdown of how i did it:

1) i let the player & bots spawn as usual, using bQuickstart=true to get around the opening countdown.

2) all the players/bots spawn in dark little cube-rooms (i call 'em bot garages) where they sit out the cinematic sequence. this required significant code efforts to allow for any size bot load.

3) i trigger the cinematic sequence using the PlayerStarts (StartGame only works with the cinematicgame gametype)

4) once the cinematic is done, i respawn all the players (humans & bots) at an entirely differnt set of PlayerStarts (on the battle field), and gameplay proceeds from there.

5) i had to disarm the intro cinematic for netplay -- can't have it being triggered by a new player spawning in, right?

this is not a simple task -- i had to write a bunch of new ACTIONS for a couple or three ScriptedTrigger(s) to use, as well as figure out how to get some of the bots out of their garages for part of the sequence, jump out of a vehicle, do some fighting, then go away for the game to really start.

but it's a pretty cool way to open the game!