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29th Mar 2004, 02:21 AM
Is the LightEffect properties broken in the current runtime for lights?

I get an error if I try to set it to "LE_WateryShimmer", etc., etc..

Did I miss something?

[SAS]Solid Snake
29th Mar 2004, 03:35 AM
Some of the light effects are now redundant. They were previously used in Unreal Engine 1 and have been left over due to laziness(?). Anyways, they won't do anything now and that's applies to UT2003 as well. I guess they were replaced with some other advanced light methods or found projectors plus a combination of other things worked better.

29th Mar 2004, 07:17 PM
Bummer, I have done nothing special with the lights in so long (didn't need to until now) that I thought we could still use the LightingEffects of old... guess I need to look into t he newer ways of things.

Thanks [SAS]SS.

30th Mar 2004, 02:37 PM
Yes, most of the dynamic lighting effects are gone. Use projectors, and read the lighting docs on UDN: http://udn.epicgames.com/Content/LightingTutorial

30th Mar 2004, 09:27 PM
Projectors are fine for shadows on a single surface but they don't give the same results that the older water or fire shimmer would on everything in a room. Pools are a good example, how would you light a room up with the feedback of light through rippling water? Not just on the ceiling but over all of the surfaces in a room, one that is more complex than a four sided box? I'm not sure I like the idea of 5-10 projecters in one complex room, or even the idea of creating the images/frames for the water.

Understand that I'm not bitching, I'm simply looking for a solution to what was once a lot easier. Was the feature removed due to the addition of the static mesh and it's lighting limitations? I woud be content if I could still use the feature even if it was limited to BSP.

1st Apr 2004, 02:34 AM
Set up a material projector. Materials can be dynamic, with oscillations and waves and panning and stretching and such.

4th Apr 2004, 06:25 AM
Does this allow me to project in all directions at once? As the light effects did? Or am I still faced with placing projectors (one in each direction) to cover the room. Again, keep in mind that this room is not as simple as a four sided box.

17th Jun 2005, 09:25 AM
Some of the old dynamic lights works: Place and set up a normal emitter then change its values as a dynamic light. Give color and radius. Strobe,pulse and flicker works as usual both on bsp surfaces and meshes not only in the editor and in the level as well. Works only if the light effect is non-incidence or none.