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28th Mar 2004, 10:19 AM
Who would like to give us a hand? We have most of the features stated below already in the UT format, we need coders to translate into UT2003 or UT2004. We also need modelers, mappers and texturers.

You might think that this mod is similar to BF1942 (Vietnam) or to OFP but its not, not even a little. This one is a unique mod, if you wonder what it is please read.

GAMEPLOT is Modern era, vehicles are from European, American and Russian military, each vehicle has a identical counterpart in two other nation, example F-15E / Tornado / Su-30. Each vehicle will have 3x2 different camouflag, 3 stands for winter, forest, grey types, 2 stands for plain or striped skin. Weapons are authentical like the vehicles.

GAMETYPE consists of combination of Domination and Assault gametypes of former UT. There will be key areas or teritories to hold or invade by infantry and key assets to protect or destroy (Armories, Factories and EWR or AWACS) Loosing armory will halve the payload of the vehicles, loosing factory will double the re-spawn time, loosing EWR or AWACS group will remove the 360 degree radar coverage. Loosing all three will result with defeat, or win condition can be set to ground victory (controlling all key areas)

ASF: Air Superiorty Fighters = F-16C / Mig-29 / JAS-39
T/K: Tank busters / killers = A-10 / Su-25 / AV8B
TSF: Tactical Strike fighters = F-15E / Su-30 / Tornado
MRF: Multi-role fighters = F/A-18C / Su-27 / Mirage
CSF: Carrier Strike Fighters = F-14 / Su-33 / Rafale M
STR: Strategic bomber = B1 / Tu-160 / B1
AH : Attack helicopters = AH-64 / Mi-24 / PAH-2
UH : Utility helicopters = UH-60 / Mi-17 / AS-532
MBT: Main battle tanks = M1A1 / T-80 / Leclerc
APC: Armored Personnel Carrier= LAV 8x8 / BTR-80 / Piranha 10x10
IFV: Infantry fighting vehicle = M2 / BMP-2 / Warrior

CAN : +20mm Cannon
SRAAM : Short range AA missile AIM-9M / R-73 / R-550
MRAAM : Medium range AA missile AIM-120 / R-27 / SkyFlash
AGM : Air to Ground missile AGM-65 / Kh-29 / AS-30L
ARM : Anti Radiation missile AGM-88 / Kh-25MP / ALARM
LGB : Laser Guided Bomb GBU-10 / KAB-1000L / LGB 1000
FFAR : Fin-folded Aerial Rockets
CBU : Cluster bomb unit MK20 / RBK-500 / BL-755
IRN : Iron bombs Mk-83 / KAB-1000 / RET 1000
ASM : Anti-ship missile AGM-84 / Kh-31 / Exocet
CRS : Air launched Cruise missiles AGM-86 / Kh-65 / AGM-86

INFANTRY: Not individual soldiers, instead platoon, fires ATGWs and LLAAMs as well as invading or holding key areas
AAAs: Anti-Aircraft Artillery batteries
SAMs: Surface to Air batteries
ARTILLERY: Long range indirect support for Tanks and Helicopters
AWACSs: 360 degree radar coverage for all airborne units, HVAA
REFUELERS: Aerial refueler, HVAA

LLAAM: Low-level AA Missile FIM-92 / Igla / FIM-92
ATM : Anti-tank missiles (for helicopters) AGM-114 / / TOW
ATGW : Anti-tank missiles (for IFVs) TOW / 9M113 / TOW
FFAR : Fin-folded Aerial Rockets
SBT : 120mm APFSDS (Armor Piercing Fin Stabilized Discarding Sabot, simply AP Sabot
HEAT : 120mm HEAT (area-effect with proximity fuse shell against light armour and helicopters)
HESH : 120mm HESH (shaped-head shell for indirect long range attacks)
CHG : HE+AP+I munitions for chainguns on IFVs and Attack Helicopters
MG : 12.7mm machine gun

CHAFF: To evade MRAAMs and SAMs, 100% effective if used with evasion manuever
FLARE: To evade SRAAMs and LLAAMs 100% effective if used with evasion manuever
SMOKE: (Tanks only) To evade ATGW, ATM and AGMs 100% effective
ECM : (Aircrafts only) halves hit probability of incoming missiles, host aircraft will be detected from farther distances
FUEL : Runs out quick if you set throttle to max (only applicable to Airborne units)

PILOT: Driver of the vehicle, deployment of weapons
GUNNER: Autopilot, Radar and Countermeasures are up to him as well as laser designating Ground Moving or Static targets and flying remote controlled missiles (like Redeemer).
2ND GUNNER: (for STR only) shares work load of the GUNNER as STRs are carrying more LGBs and cruise missiles to control

1st Person proper cockpit for each vehicle and for each station
HUD and MFDs
Gun sights
LANTIRN / TIALD display for laser designation
Missile camera display

GAMEPLAY is based on missions (waypoints to go), players aim is to act regarding to mission orders,

CADET: (Flight Badge only) 0 - 500 pp (prestige points)
OFFICER: (Single Bar) 500-2000pp
LIEUTENANT: (Twin Bars) 2000-5000 pp
MAJOR: (Star, (with 12 sides) 5000-x pp


Rewards for
- Killing* : each kill gives 100 points + 25 points per rank, killing a cadet will give 125, and killing a lieutenant will give 175 points (AI Wingman will only give base score)
- Flying on patrol area (waypoint) : each 30 second will give 150pp, now anybody would go freestyle?
- Flying over enemy Assets : flying over asset area will give 500 per mission, if you pass over all three assets it will give 1500pp in total, which is quite impossible...
- SEAD : suppressing enemy SAM defences will give 50 points per SAM or AAA
- HVAA Kill : (High Value Air Asset) killing AWACS will give 1000pp
- Bombing : each stucture gives 400pp
- Supplying** : Providing supplies beyond the border gives 250pp
- Mech. Infantry*** : Inserting Infantry beyond the border will give 200pp, half for friendly teritory.

*killing a tank class unit by an airborne vehicle will give half of the score, and killing an enemy unit by a tank will give double score (so battling tanks will give high scores)
** deploying supplies: may be we should make them engineers, and rather than dropping supply cases, they can establish destoryable FARPs for helicopter and tanks, one FARP for one player
*** Infantry : deploying infantries at free zone or enemy territory (one infantry for one player)

Penalties for
- Friendly kills : it will cost 150 points + 50 points per rank,
- Getting killed : (suicide or not) getting killed will erase all the points you received on a mission, tanks should return to FARPs to switch missions, and tanks would lost only half of their score which was gained on that mission. NOW lets see if anybody would give a free kill or dive into hell that easy... I think everybody will race back to home to get their scores "saved" :) and if you're on strike mission no matter entering enemy zone but when you destroyed enemy buildings, I would like to see how people run back to base :D

There will be a mission selection screen where player can see the mission that are joinable or creatable, a mission should stay on roster for certain amount of time before commiting. Player can select the station that he is going to man (gunner or pilot) 2nd gunner for STR) In flight, once the players aircraft destroyed, player will man the AI controlled wingman's vehicle

Mapper should define patrol areas, place assets, anti-air systems and bases, so computer can generate waypoints for units. Then player can select the required option from autopilot menu for departure (take off) or navigation (ex: CAP area 1, CAP area 2, RTB etc) this will let both AI player, AI wingmans and human players operate with respect to a certain plan.

ASF - Combat Air Patrol (intercepting enemy flights) creatable and joinable by any player (1 Wingman for "officers")
T/K - Battlefield Air Interdiction (for close air support for friendlies on ground) creatable and joinable by any player (1 Wingman for "officers")
MRF - Escort (for Interdiction flights, against fighters and AA systems) creatable by "Lieutenant" or above, joinable for "officer" or above (2 Wingmans)
TSF - Interdiction / Strike (to destroy enemy assets) creatable by "Major" joinable for Lieutenant" or above (3 Wingmans)
STR - Interdiction (with B-1 or Tu-160) creatable by "Major" (no wingman)

AH - Patrol (interception of enemy choppers and tanks) creatable and joinable by any player (1 Wingman)
UH - Support (deployment of FARPs and infantries) creatable and joinable by any player (1 Wingman for any)
AH - Deep Strike (Strike on enemy air and army bases) creatable by "Lieutenant" or above, joinable for "officer" or above (3 Wingmans)

2xMBT+2xIFV - Sentry (self-explanatory) creatable and joinable by any player (+3 Wingman)
2xIFV+2xAPC - Mech. Infantry (deployment of FARPs and infantries) creatable and joinable by any player (+3 Wingman)
4xMBT+4xIFV - Assault (Strike on enemy air and army bases) creatable by "Officer" or above joinable for all (+7 Wingmans)

Aircrafts will be spawned in hardened aircraft shelters, player will not be controlling aircraft untill its airborne, player is only able to select autopilot option (Taxii to hold,take-off, taxii to hanger) this will allow computer to control aircraft traffic. for landing, a second runway will be used, as soon as gears touches to ground autopilot will take the control. (check below for ILS, instrumental landing system)

Aircrafts move to "hold" area which is the entrance of runway, once the runway cleared of incoming/outgoing traffic, aircraft can line-up and take-off

Airfight will be arcade style, so real physics wont take place, in landing at least. Landing glide pattern will be controlled by flaps. Once the player or autopilot has lowered the flaps, aircraft will start to glide with -15 degrees. in this case here is the formula, computer has to calculate this continously to provide ILS.

(D - T) x 0.27 = Alt
D is distance from the base ILS (center of the runway)
T is half of the runway lenght (so touch-down point will be the edge of runway)
0.27 is the static multiplier value (triangle formula)
ALT is the required altitude for -15 degree approach for that distance,

If the aircraft is in ILS coverage, ALT will be calculated continously (as aircraft closes to runway = as D reduces) this will show the correct altitude for approach pattern. Only thing is to catch at correct altitude and level the aircraft nose. Then aircraft will land on touchdown point without any problem. this (ALT) can be shown with a crossbar on HUD,

there could be commands for wingmans to order them to form up engage bandit/threat/hostile or to order them to RTB

there could be commands for requesting help for taking out bandits/threats, reporting enemy vehicles or infantry positions as well as requesting deployment of FARPs and Infantries at specific locations

28th Mar 2004, 10:21 AM
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28th Mar 2004, 11:25 AM
Airfight 3.0 for UT


Special Thanks to G.J. "T-101" Peltenburg for his invaluable effort and success in creation this MOD...