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26th Mar 2004, 01:03 AM
Our website is located at http://www.rebellionmod.net, and we already have the game premise laid out, the design document mostly finished, as well as a few models. Here are a few pictures showcasing the models done so far:


Here is our design document: http://www.rebellionmod.com/merc248/rebelliondoc.htm

We are looking specifically for these positions:

- Weapon/Static Mesh 3D Modelers
- Player 3D Modelers
- Skinners (should be able to know how to UV Map)
- Animators
- 2D Texture Artists
- Music Composer
- UnrealScript Programmer(s)
- Mappers
- Voice Actors

If you are interested, contact Merc248 at merc248 [AT] rebellionmod [DOT] com.

Here is the game premise:

The game will be an RTS/FPS hybrid with realistic infantry combat (iron sighting being one of the core realism features). The mod will be set in 2018 AD (tentative date) with the "Rebellion" fighting against the "Government" in a post-modern day setting. The weapons/technology will largely be unchanged from current day weaponry, but the cliche AK varients have been replaced by the M4/M16s, due to the mass proliferation of M4/M16 clones before the games storyline (therefore, "eastern bloc" weapons will not be included.) The "Government" will be a single unnamed entity (possibly named to a specific fictional government between each map) that has standardized troops and weapons, compared to the "Rebellion", who will have customizable weapons but will have reliability problems with those weapons and will also be asymmetrical in appearance. The "Rebellion" will also have the "less advanced" weapons such as the M4 SOPMOD and the M16A3, while the "Government" will specialize in standardized rifles such as the XM8, the XM25, the M16A4, etc. We will also not include sniper rifles, and will rely on medium-long range squad combat rather than having drifting snipers all across the field.

The game will aim to be large scale, with mostly open terrain maps and a few city-centric maps. We are aiming for a top of 64 players, if the engine supports it.

There will also be a commander whose position is usually "first come first serve", but their role will not be as vital compared to games such as Natural Selection. The game will revolve around player classes, the most important one being the engineer. The engineer will be the one who will complete commander laid buildings and will also build infantry level objects, such as a machinegun nest, sandbags, etc. The commander will be the one who will place the foundations for buildings and give orders on a macro level, but the infantry are the ones who gather equipment from an exhaustable armory (instead of the commander having to buy the weapons for the players) and will determine micro level decisions. Because of the realistic nature of the game, teamplay will still be coerced among the players due to the fact that a player can be incapacitated quickly.

There will also be a different kind of resource system (I'd even like to say that it will be done away with completely). The commander can call in a truck (which can only be called in five minute blocks) from a limited pool of available trucks from a forward base, which has a certain amount of space to hold weapons, ammo, and building material. The commander can customize the default loadout of each truck in order to fit the needs of the entire team. However, the truck is extremely vulnerable to enemy fire, so the team will need to secure the area around the truck entrance area (which is random within a given space) so the truck can pass through safely. If a truck goes to the base successfully, it will drive off to the nearest border and will be available for use again. If it is destroyed, then the next available truck will be put on the queue, and the truck count will lower by one.

There will also be a squad leader class, who can call out enemies and tell squad mates to move in a relative direction (which will be in relation to the squad leaders forward view.)

Vehicles might be added in later, but the main focus is on the commander and on the infantry. Vehicles will only be there for secondary support, with a small possibility for artillery flagging (so off-screen artillery can bombard the area around that designated area).

30th Apr 2004, 12:37 AM
I just want to let everyone know that we are still looking for more talent to join the team - again, contact me at merc248 AT rebellionmod DOT com.