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19th Mar 2004, 10:36 PM
Ive come up with a design for a onslaught map, see the attached pictue.

Green lines: Area where land and water meet.
Blue Circles: Power Nodes
Blue Squares: Power Cores
Light Grey circles: Rocks
Dark gray lines: Bridges
Purple lines: how the nodes are linked
Brown lines: Where the land\water meets with a moutain side
Yellow Squares: Airships

- The powercores/Powernodes/airships/bridges all have a 'steam-punk' feel to them, like this is in a alternate reality that hasnt advanced as far as us, but has made exelent use of what they have.
- The map has a foggy feel, you could see quite far, but there would be thin white fog.
- The airships would be like raptor ports or something, and the birdges connecting between them would be ropes with a mesh rope thing between them. They would also have scorpions on them, for quick trasport form 1 airship to the other.
- See the purple dot on the middle-left of the map, a redeemer would be there on a small island surrounded by smaller islands nearby, this area would eveuntly thun it to a waterfall when it hits the main body of water.
- The medium- sized island farthest to the right has a rock birdge connecting to the medium-sized island to the left.
- There would be a bunch of mantas on the map, since they sould be able to zoom right over water.

Another Idea (Onslaught):
I also thought of another map idea where theres 4 airships, arranged like the medium sized islands on the right of the map, they would all be linked together by a rope bridge and have 'light' vehicles such as scorpions and mantas. there would also be raptors, air combat is good. In this map there would be a dense fog, like they were fighting high in the sky. Basicly, to sum this up in 1 sentince the map would be "AS-Convoy on airships instead of Ground vehicles."

Excuse my spelling errors, please, i was writing this quickly so i wouldnt forget the ideas.

20th Mar 2004, 04:30 AM
Hummm ... nice looking

Thats it I'm going to do a General ONS design key ><

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